Crossfire Series Review

imagesCAOU3UC8I should be reading all the ARC books I have been gifted, but instead I am writing about a series that makes my knees weak. And SHOCKER it isn’t a historical romance series! It’s the story of Gideon and Eva from the Crossfire Series.
I started reading these shortly after I read Fifty Shades of Grey, as it was billed as a close contender. Premise similar – hot guy, billionaire, into control and HOT sex scenes. However I found the Crossfire series different than FOSG. I found there was a lot more emotion and intensity. For someone who is not really turned on by a woman being tied up and screwed, this series was everything Fifty Shades was missing.
Gideon is a dream hero. He is hot, wealthy, and an amazing sex machine. Eva is screwed up, beautiful, independent and his kryptonite. I found the story of these two to be mesmerizing (and somewhat unrealistic, but hey this is escapism at it’s best). I adored the story of how the two met and how he chased her and ultimately won her interest. I actually stopped and thought about what I would say if a guy asked me who I was fucking so he could get with me. Kinda hot.
Sex takes a centre stage in these books. No doubt about it. If Sylvia Day was influenced by Fifty Shades of Grey, then awesome because the results are SO much better. Yes Gideon has his issues and so does Eva, but point me to someone over the age of twenty who doesn’t need to drink with girlfriends or see a therapist and I’m shocked.
The pair are sexually addicted to each other and the author writes the sex scenes so well. They are explicit, but man, if you don’t want to be Eva or a fly on the wall, then you are not warm blooded. These books are super charged with scenarios. Even one of these scenes in my life would be forever remembered.
There is an element of murder/suspense involving Eva’s past and it serves as a plot device to move the action along. The separation of the characters only makes it more hot when they do connect. Are you sensing a thread? These books are hot. Some reviews have commented that it’s only minimal plot between sex scenes, but I personally feel that the author really elaborates on the psyches of the characters and why they do the things they do – even if they make little sense since they could be having more hot sex if they stopped being stupid.
I liked Eva. She’s spunky and challenging. She issues ultimatums that I wish I could have the nerve to deliver. She has suffered in the past, but found a real soulmate in Gideon.
Gideon is every woman’s fantasy. He’s been abused and hurt, but man can he be sexy and alpha male. I would love to be in the presence of a man like this. That’s where the author’s talent lies. She makes you want him. In every way. You want to heal him, fuck him and hold him always. I have never met a man like Gideon and probably won’t, but that is what makes these books so awesome. He is unattainable, yet you read it anyway, hoping that the next job interview or coffee run will reveal a Gideon for your own.
Now onto the controversy. When these books were originally published, they were supposed to be a triology like Fifty Shades of Grey. However, when the last one was published OVER A YEAR AGO, it was revealed it was a five parter. UPROAR and outrage on Amazon. I was feeling a little let down too. However I was all for reading more about Gideon and Eva, however there has been no date given for the next book in the series. I check Sylvia Day’s website regulary and nothing. Nada. Zip. She has published other series and books, but nothing for the Crossfire series. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I’ve read some of her other books, mostly the Highlander series, but this is the one that holds my interest and to not have even a publication date is bad. I feel like I am so invested in Eva and Gideon that I could write the next book. Don’t keep your fans waiting!
My husband is a lucky man because I have read this series and keep re-reading it. It’s smoking hot and exciting and I am dying for the next book to get a release date. Even though I review historical romance fiction, I will make sure to do a review of Captivated By You. Whenever it gets published…grumble, grumble, grumbl


15 thoughts on “Crossfire Series Review”

  1. I’ve just been rereading this series. #1 and #2 are definitely the better books, but it’s the ONLY series in this genre I’m addicted to. The plot – not the sex – is what makes me love it. The big shocks of the second book…

    Now, I went to multiple talks with Sylvia Day at the romance convention in March this year, and STILL no news on the last book!

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