A Great Final Chapter for The Ladies Book of Pleasures!

a measure of deceit

A Measure of Deceit (The Ladies Book of Pleasures #3) by Jess Michaels
Overview by Amazon:

Even Society’s most scandalous writer couldn’t have predicted this.

The Ladies Book of Pleasures, Book 3

The Ladies Book of Pleasures, now credited with two marriages and countless other affairs and liaisons, has Society all aflutter. The one person not benefitting from its scandalous advice? The author herself.

From the safety of her anonymity, Lady Grace Hollis, Duchess of Jameswood, enjoys the blissful results of her handiwork—and pretends she does not miss the passionate proclivities she penned. But when her handsome editor begins making the rounds of Society parties, she wonders how long her secret will be safe.

Connor Sheridan wants—needs—to know the answer to the one burning question on everyone’s lips: the mystery writer’s identity. And it’s not just because their correspondence, delivered via untraceable couriers, has made him smile, frown, or imagine her engaged in erotic escapades—with him.

Other letters have begun landing on his desk, letters written by a decidedly unfriendly hand. And though it may threaten her reputation, the safest place for her could very well be his arms. Whether she likes it or not.

When I started reading this book, I realized it was the final book in a series that I had already read the other books. I read A LOT of books, so while I couldn’t remember the particulars of the previous books, I remember that I really enjoyed them, so I settled in for what I hoped would be a great read.

I was right. This book was a lot of fun and very, very steamy. The premise is around a scandalous book that has been making its way through the ton like wildfire. The Ladies Book of Pleasure, talks openly about the wonderful experiences a woman can have in a sexual relationship. The book has its devotees and some that are horrified and scandalized by written words.

Lady Grace Hollis is the writer of the book. She has corresponded with her editor, Connor for a couple of years as she worked on the book. Through their letters and notes, an intimacy developed and after Connor pressures the ‘mysterious lady’ to write a sequel she cuts off contact. This forces Connor to venture into society – something he swore he would never do – in order to find her.

Grace and Connor meet in person, yet he has no idea that the beautiful, composed and somewhat frosty woman before him is actually his lovely pen pal and bestselling author. Grace’s friends can’t understand what has rattled her iron composure over the couple days of meeting Connor. Grace won’t share her secrets with her friends as she is too used to keeping her feelings and thoughts bottled up. No one really knows the real Grace, except for Connor.

In the advice of keeping your enemies close mantra; Grace calls Connor to her home and proposes an affair as it is obvious they are attracted to each other. This starts the most torrid affair. The sex scenes between the two are scorching hot. Connor is a dominant man and for once in her life, Grace relinquishes control and has the best, toe curling orgasms of her life. The sex scenes are vividly written and definitely not run of the mill. There is ingenuity in the settings, the positions and the emotions the characters experience. If you like your historical romance novels with a lot of passion, well described scenes and a touch of kink, then this series is for you.

What I really liked about this book was the perspective Connor brings. He is the bastard son of a Lord and has lived his life on the fringe of society. Along with his partner, Adrian, he has spent years slagging the wealthy and their useless lives. Adrian wants to print more seditious works, but Connor has mellowed with age. Getting to know the members of the ton has led him to the understanding that not all are like his sire and he receives genuine offers of friendship from Grace’s friends. For such a steamy book, it had an interesting grounding in the difference of the classes and the opinions of the day.

Connor makes a major blunder with Grace. He forces her hand and things don’t end well for both of them. He is a prideful man who made an error in judgement, but the results are losing the confidence of Grace and giving her number one enemy an advantage.

Not only does this book have great sex, good friends, and a realistic take on society but it also has a daring and dangerous ending. You couldn’t ask for more in a book!

I really liked the end of this series. Things tied up neatly for Grace and her friends. The
Lady may be retired, but her legacy of pleasure will live on.


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