Outlander Obsession

outlander jamie shirtless

I am seriously obsessed with Outlander. I have watched the show twice this week and just re-read the original story (while my TBR list sits ignored).

The trailer for the second part of Season One is up. I think I have watched it about a dozen times already. I’m so excited for April!

Outlander Season One Part Two

Since I love this show so much, I have decided that after each episode I will be doing a review on the blog. I can’t WAIT!


11 thoughts on “Outlander Obsession”

  1. I have watched various scenes and episodes on YouTube but tomorrow my DVD arrives and I will finally get to see it episode by episode. I look forward to reading your reviews…..(and probably commenting with my two cents worth. 🙂 )

  2. I also waiting for my Blu-Ray. But to Germany it will surely take a while. :):).
    I read the first book in 1992. I like the books very much and now the series too.
    I look forward to more informations from you.

  3. Is it bad that I haven’t seen this or even read the book yet? The book I have wanted to….but they are huge and its like so daunting just thinking about it. Its definitely something I want to see though, the trailers look amazing.

    1. I’m not sure who I love more – Jamie Dornan or Sam Heughan. If you like Scottish historical books than you have to see Outlander. The first book was my favourite in the series.

      1. Oh they are both gorgeous. I love Jamie…he did such a great job. And man he is *sigh* just sexy. I do love highlander romances…probably one of my favorite sub genres. So I see that seeing Outlander is a priority for me.

      2. I’d watch it again but my husband is getting a little jealous of how much attention the men from the UK are getting! Lol. You need to watch it. All I want to do is read Scottish stories now.

      3. Lol well quite frankly UK men are pretty awesome and that accent mmmm… Zero resistance here. LOL I think I have adored Scottish Historical’s since I first got hooked on romances. That brogue, kilts and fierce passion … Definitely my favorite.

  4. You say it. The accent is so great. I love the scottish dialect. ♥♥♥
    The German synchronization of “Outlander” is a disaster. This is also the reason, why I bought the original Blu-Ray.☻
    I ‘m really looking forward it.

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