Arrows of Desire

arrows of desire

Arrows of Desire: Even Gods Fall in Love by Lynne Connolly

Overview by Amazon:

When the God of Love falls for a nymph, all seven hells break loose.

Even Gods Fall in Love, Book 3

Finished with the tutoring that taught him how to be an immortal, Edmund, otherwise known as Eros, steps off the packet onto English shores, and stumbles head over heels in love.

There’s something different about Portia Seaton and her secretive family, but for now a bigger dilemma looms. Revealing he’s the Duke of Kentmere could cut their courtship short. Yet abandoning his heritage means leaving his beloved sister at the mercy of the Titans.
Even as Edmund steals Portia’s breath with the speed at which he sweeps her down the aisle, she feels safe in the irresistible tide of passion. Her father, head of a smuggling empire, is Oceanus—and she is a nymph.

Disaster strikes when Edmund races to London to rescue his sister, and doesn’t return. Desperate, Portia follows him, only to find no light of recognition in his eyes.
Now she must choose. Admit defeat, or fight to break the enchantment keeping Edmund’s heart prisoner—and risk the wrath of a jealous goddess who’d be all too happy to snuff her out.

Lynne Connolly’s author note at the end of the book was fascinating. She does fantastic research for her novels and writing about the Gods requires a lot! She writes, “Arrows of Desire is based on the story of Cupid and Psyche…In the classics, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but his jealous mother Venus, threatened to kill her. He meant to enchant her but accidentally pricked himself with his arrow and was caught. So Cupid built Psyche the most beautiful bower for her to live in and told her that she must not look at him. He only visited her in the dead of night, when it was dark. Psyche’s jealous sisters told her that he could be a monster and urged her to take a surreptitious peep. At first Psyche is happy, but one night she recalled her sister’s words and lit a candle. She saw that her husband was stunningly handsome, but a drop of wax fell on his chest and woke him up. Cupid sprang up, told her angrily that she had disobeyed him and disappeared. Psyche refused to give up. She travelled the world looking for him, and then when she found him, she reclaimed him.”

Cupid and Psyche’s story is the inspiration for Connolly’s latest in her Gods series. It’s a great series that combines the historical romance genre with the paranormal. The Gods are powerful to mortals and to each other. Edmund is essentially royalty amongst the Gods. He is Eros aka Cupid, although he doesn’t like to be called that as he says it’s a chubby baby with a bow. He’s an Olympian God and also carries the mortal title of Duke. Edmund’s mother is a corrupt Titan and she has kept his powers from him. He fled to France to learn from Venus. He is still a novice and is worried about the state of the immortals.

He arrives in Dover and meets Portia almost immediately. It’s like he has been struck by his own arrow. They have a whirlwind courtship and marry quickly. Portia is an immortal as well, but not as powerful as Edmund or her Titan father.

Edmund was a wonderful Eros. He embodied love, lust and infatuation. I really adored the courtship and wedding night. He was an attentive lover and friend to Portia. I liked the fact that he worked hard to keep his identify of Eros and the dukedom out of the courtship as it really allowed Portia to see the man he was. He definitely is the God of love as he makes Portia’s blood and other parts sing. He is sensual and overwhelming at the same time.

Portia is so like the mythical creature Psyche. She is content with her lot in life, as the daughter of a powerful Titan has great advantages. Getting caught up in Eros’s web has her head spinning. She is very confident of her love for him – thankfully it began for both before a love spell was cast. Thankfully Immortals are a little naughtier than mortals and she enjoys the seduction Edmund launches at her. Portia was so strong willed and yet feminine. She was willing to do like Psyche and fight for her love and her man. She is a great character and makes Edmund likeable – even when I wanted to kick him!

It was great to meet the other Gods and Immortals that have made appearances in the previous book in the series. Connolly has created a parallel world to the one we are used to reading in historical romance novels. It’s fun to imagine that the Gods stroll down Mayfair and lounge in Whites. I like reading about their powers and the ways the Gods interact. Spells, powers and bolts of lightning are just some of the amazing things the Gods can do.

This series is great! I enjoy Lynne Connolly’s world where Immortals interact with mortals. She has created a realm that is so fun to imagine. Immortals and Gods are powerful beings and very fun to hang out with.

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One thought on “Arrows of Desire”

  1. Great review! I really have been wanting to try this out out. And it has been a while since I have read a mythology based romance…so going to have to go buy this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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