The Sin Trilogy

The Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates

Book One:  A Necessary Sin

a necessary sin

Overview by Amazon:

Bleu MacAllister is consumed. A horrific childhood incident has caused every decision in her life to revolve around bringing a monster to justice. With years spent studying The Fellowship, a Scottish organized crime brotherhood of liars, thieves, and killers, Bleu will rely on her skills as a special agent to cut Thane Breckenridge off at the knees. But walking hand in hand with retribution means risking collateral damage, in the form of Breckenridge’s son Sinclair—until Sin becomes so much more than Bleu bargained for. She’s always known this undertaking would place her life in danger—she never imagined her heart would be as well.

Book Two:  The Next Sin

the next sin

Overview by Amazon:

Bleu MacAllister is in hiding less than three months when Sinclair Breckenridge discovers her whereabouts. Her former lover, the future leader of a criminal organization known as The Fellowship, resists the tug of his heart heartstrings in her direction. Instead, he opts to watch over his beloved from afar. And she has no idea. But Sin’s sacrifice is short-lived. His bonny lass is a hunted traitor. He fears Abram’s assassins are closing in, leaving him with one solution for saving Bleu–make her his wife. Marriage seems an easy fix for their dilemma but wedded bliss is brief when the couple finds trouble lying in wait beyond the realm of the brotherhood. Will the original revenge seeker find herself the object of collateral damage?

Book Three:  One Last Sin

one last sin

Overview by Amazon:

Bleu MacAllister’s fate lies in the hands of the enemy. Complicated circumstances have rendered her helpless to escape their clutches so she must await rescue by her less than lily-white knight. All is right again when she’s back in the arms of the man she loves until long buried secrets are unearthed. With them, Bleu finally discovers her mother’s killer along with far more than she could possibly imagine. Can she find happiness with a husband who will go to any length to keep her safe, even if it means denying her of the one thing she believes she wants most in this world?

So I found the first Sin book on Amazon about a month and half ago.  I spent all weekend reading the first two books and was totally into the story.  I pretty much begged for an ARC of the final book, but had to wait until it was published.  So I decided to hold off on reviewing the books until I had read the final one.

This series is like a Scottish Sons of Anarchy.  If you aren’t familiar with the tv show, it features a motorcycle gang that engages in violence, hierarchy, shady business deals and dynasty relationships.  High on that list should also be sex.  These books felt like I was reading a Scottish version of the tv show and instead of bikers, they are just straight up gangsters.

The story starts with Bleu and her unquenchable thirst for revenge.  She witnessed her mother’s murder and was almost murdered herself.  She was trained by her adoptive father to become a ruthless fighter and investigator.  She served as an FBI agent to further her training.  She has pinpointed the murderer as the leader of The Fellowship, Thane Breckonridge.  She puts her plan in motion to get her revenge by infiltrating his organization.

Her plan was to get access to Thane through his son Sinclair, or Sin.  She manages to get a job in a Fellowship pub.  Nothing in the Fellowship allows outsiders.  No bar, no staff and no unapproved guests.  They don’t fraternize with anyone outside the brotherhood.  It’s kind of a miracle that Bleu is able to get a job in the bar.  She meets Sin and is blown away by how sensual he is, but she won’t be derailed.  She plays her cards right and captures his attention by offering him the one thing he has never had – a challenge.  She doesn’t fall over him and makes him work hard for her attentions.  The dance of seduction the do was off the charts sexy.  Even though Bleu was using him to get to his father, I really wanted these two to get it on and keep getting it on!

The anticipation was worth the wait.  Sin is a very possessive man and he has claimed Bleu.  Sarah McLean once said that sex scenes should be used to further conflict and the plot and it certainly does.  Bleu is now in the inner circle, exactly where she wanted to be, and yet now she has doubts.  Her feelings are clouding years and years of preparations.

Sin was a great character.  Very well developed.  He has been groomed to be the leader of the Fellowship his whole life.  Every member of the organization has to have a profession that will support the group, such as lawyer, medic, etc.  Sin is a lawyer for the group and is waiting to take his uncle’s place as second in command when the time is right.  What is unusal about Sin is how he handles the violence and death.  For someone who lives and breathes a life like he has, he has great ability to love and feel compassion.  He is a protector at heart and will not stop to feel guilt to punish anyone who hurts his family.  The author reveals his character slowly.  The man from the start of the series is a very different one from the end.  Sin has known a lot of physical pain.   He was shot in his leg and lost the lower part and wears a prosthetic.  Bleu knows that she is special to him when he reveals it to her, one of only a few who know his secret.

Bleu is tough as nails and yet vunerable at the same time.  She has been adopted into Harry’s family, but she still feels like an orphan deep down.  The trauma of witnessing her mother’s death and her own attack has defined her life until she meets Sin.  The relationship she enters into is one that is good for her and yet almost like a prison term.  Once you join the Fellowship, you can’t ever leave.  She is in for life and her past as an FBI agent makes her a target.  I liked her street smarts and her strong attitude.  She certainly isn’t a victim and in many ways is the perfect partner for Sin.  She isn’t squeamish about the things he does and violence is not a stranger to her.

The sex between the two is very, very hot.  Sin is a passionate lover and Bleu is a perfect match for him.  There is a lot of sexy scenes, almost like the Crossfire series.  In the final book, Bleu is pregnant and I’m not the hugest fan of pregnant sex in a story, it was tastefully done and fit the story well.

My only struggles with this book is the name Bleu.  Every single time I read it, I said Blue in my head.  I’m not a fan of different names for the sake of different names.  The rest of the characters had great Scottish names and they added believability to the setting. They also have their own special way of talking to each other that I am sure was meant to be a pivotal part of their relationship, but it just made me cringe.  They would say ‘’ ‘you..see’ – get it?  Intimacy.  Cheesy and somewhat cute, but I just get embarrassed by things like this – probably just my weird idiosyncratic ideas.

The series starts out really strong.  I adored the first book and the second one wraps up a lot of the problems the two face.  The final book provides a glimpse into the world that Sin and Bleu will live in.  This series was well worth it and a definite must read.


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