Actors who need to star in historical romance

Since Outlander has officially become my favourite tv show, I have been thinking about other actors that should take the plunge and do a historical romance movie or tv show. I don`t know about you, but when I am reading a book I imagine an actor or model in the role. It`s probably because when I am reading about a sexy encounter I visualize a man that I have seen in that role already. I think because so many romance novels feature strapping alpha heroes that it`s likely why my imagination goes there.

So here is who makes my list of actors that I would like to see in breeches and Hessians!

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (perfect to play Eric MacSorley in The Hawk, Highland Guard series)

tom hardy

Tom Hardy (perfect to play Simon Hunt in Lisa Kleypas` Secrets of a Midsummer Night)

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman (What I imagine Roark to look like in Shana by Kathleen Woodiwiss)

oscar isaac

Oscar Isaac (Sin in the Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates)

timothy olyphant

Timothy Olyphant (Adrian in Shana Galen`s Lord and Lady Spy)

penn badgley

Penn Badgley (Lachlan MacTier in Suzanne Enoch`s Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid)

aaron taylor johnson

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kieran in Madeline Martin`s Deception of a Highlander)

henry cavill

Henry Cavill (Ever since I saw the preview for U.N.C.L.E he`s doing it for me! I agree with Sylvia Day and he is the perfect Gideon in the Crossfire Series)

taylor kitsch

Taylor Kitsch (Clayton in Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught)


13 thoughts on “Actors who need to star in historical romance”

  1. Yay! I’m in luck! Chris Hemsworth is the main hero in a new series I have planned! And Taylor Kitsch is the hero from another book I’ve had in the works. I’m so glad that my choices reflect your tastes! Huzzah and Hoorah!!! (I’ve also been trying to figure out where to put Timothy Olyphant. Pirate!)

  2. Love Chris Hemsworth. And Hugh Jackman is wonderful in historical movies. I highly recommend the time-travel movie, Kate and Leopold, starring Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan.

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