Outlander – The Reckoning, Episode 9

So here in freezing cold Canada (it snowed today), we finally got to see the latest episode of Outlander!  I got into the Outlander game late.  I had it on my PVR and just never watched it until this winter.  I am suitably chastised as a lover of historical romance HOW COULD I HAVE NOT WATCHED???  Well, I’m into it now and more than impressed.

So after a loooooong break, it’s back!  I have decided to add my two cents to the blogsphere about each episode.  I know there are hundreds of reviews of each episodes and entire blogs devoted to just Outlander, but what the heck?  Maybe this will be interesting!

outlander episode 92

So this episode is called ‘The Reckoning’ for a good reason.  If you follow Outlander or have read the books, you know what happens.  The spanking heard round the world.  What did I think?  The scene wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The actors really made it better than in the book.  When Jamie spanks Claire with his belt, I have to admit it was a lot more physical than I had imagined it reading the book.  It definitely wasn’t like Christian Grey’s measured spanks.  I really loved that Claire fought back and landed a few good blows of her own.  The next morning, Jamie seems perplexed by Claire’s anger – he has so much to learn!  There has been so much debate about this – feminist perspectives, historical perspectives, and on and on.  I think for the time the book is set in, we see countless rape attempts and men treated women with little of the respect we expect today.  I don’t think Jamie knew that it was wrong.  He saw the example of his parents and those around him and his clan who risked their lives for Claire’s release expected it.  Applying modern day sensibilities to the scene makes it seem barbaric, but I think Jamie redeems himself admirably later in the series.

episode 93

Can we talk about Black Jack Randall?  When Jamie bursts through the window and Jack mocks him about his back, about raping Claire and having Jamie join in, all I could think was what a wonderful actor Tobias Menzies is.  He makes Jack so evil and cold.  When Jamie is steaming with anger and emotion and yet Jack is taunting, I literally had my hands in fists.  I wanted him to kill Jack and know that it will come back to haunt him.  Kill him, Jamie!

outlander episode 91

I liked the shift in narration this season.  Of course I adore Jamie’s brogue and it was great to hear things from his perspective.  At times, Jamie seems lost.  While he may be a fierce fighter, he is still quite young and not worldly in the ways of relationships and women.  Claire is really good for him.  For someone who has been landless and nameless for so long, when he tells Claire that she is his home, it made me realize that she grounds him and although she is a mystery to him, he needs her very much.

Thank God Outlander is produced by Starz.  They don’t shy away from the sensuality and sexuality of the characters.  It’s funny that no one questions why we follow Jamie and Claire into the bedroom (or field), yet romance novels are written off by some of the same people as being smut.  You’ve got to love actors who give it their all.  I honestly think this show is more explicit and sexy than Fifty Shades of Grey movie and it was billed as a movie about sex!  Now that they are married, let’s hope that we get a love scene each episode.

outlander episode 95

Laoghaire is really bugging me.  I don’t like the look of the previews.  She needs to go away.  If you have read the books you know what happens with her and I really dislike her actions and what happens in the future.  I guess I can understand her feelings as she has always wanted Jamie, but there must be other men at Castle Leoch that she can find!  Clearly she is a trouble maker if she was brought before the Laird for being ‘loose’ and we saw her making out with Jamie.

outlander episode 94

Both Sam Heughan and Caitronia Balfe are excellent actors.  Sam is passionate and believable in his acting.  He makes me like Jamie so much more than the books.  I am a little worried right now as he has been doing a TON of press and his hair looks so different than the first season.  It’s much lighter and longer – so I hope the hairdresser on set keeps it the same as this season when they start filming season two.  Caitronia makes Claire seem like more of a feminist than she comes across in the books.  I adore the passion she brings to the screen and her face is just stunning.  She is such a pleasure to watch.  They truly make an impressive couple.

I’m excited for next week.  Looks like we meet the Duke of Sandringham and more of Gellis!  The episode is titled ‘By the Pricking of My Thumb’.  Looks awesome!


7 thoughts on “Outlander – The Reckoning, Episode 9”

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I loved having Jamie’s perspective in the new episode, and I thought they handled the spanking scene very well. Also, I hate Laoghaire, possibly even more than I did when reading the books. Looking forward to next week!

  2. I subscribed to the show on iTunes in Australia, but they don’t have this episode up yet! I actually forgot it was already time for the show to return.

    I’m not looking forward to this particular episode that much because I’m firmly in the ‘anti-spanking’ camp of book readers… I don’t know what they have in store for Jamie’s hair, but I wish they’d do something about the Hobbit look!

    It’s no wonder show Claire is more feminist – Diana Gabaldon is really proud of not being a feminist, which really bugs me because she goes on about it so much in interviews.

  3. Once again I’m stuck waiting for this half of Season one to come out on DVD. Ah, well, it will be worth waiting for. I applaud that they really are making a huge effort to stick to the books. Women were chattel in the 18th century. Men beat their wives. That this was depicted in the books and in this episode is a nod to the times being portrayed.

    1. I just re-watched the episode and Jamie comes across as really quite naive about women and marriage. He offers her a different way of being married at the end of the episode that reflects her modern ways.

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