Outlander Review – Lallybroch


So this episode is titled ‘Lallybroch’ and it really is Jamie’s story.  This episode was a little slower compared to the last few.  No one died and after Claire’s witch trial and big reveal, they could use a little time to catch their breaths.

The look of pride on Jamie’s face when he first sees Lallybroch was beautiful.  Sam Heughan managed to really capture the longing and hope that Jamie must have felt after four years away.  Things are not perfect when the Laird returns.  His sister Jennie is a real firecracker.  Part of me found it justifiable that she was so angry and yet she was so prickly that it was hard to like her at first.

The intimacy between Claire and Jamie is pretty solid at this point.  She was given the choice and she chose to be with him.  When she tells him about airplanes it must have been so nice for Claire to share her world and experiences with Jamie.  I found it funny in some ways that he didn’t know how old she was.  I like that Claire is the older woman!

Outlander 2014

Lallybroch is Jamie’s home, full of wonderful memories, but also some torturous ones.  He can’t help but remember the visit that Randall made to his home.  He acts like an ass when he accuses Jennie of naming her son after Randall.  He was a clod and very insensitive, and I heartily cheered when Ian calmly put him into his place.

I have read most of the books, but I still wondered how Claire would fair at Lallybroch.  She was raised by her nomadic uncle and life with Frank was intermittent.  Claire has lived a life like Jamie for most of her life – wandering.  I wondered if she would be comfortable being lady of Lallybroch.  As always, Caitriona Balfe portrays Claire with wondrous emotions and depth.

The scene at the mill was more nerve wracking in the book than it was in the show.  I guess I was likely distracted by the sight of Jamie cupping his manhood in the freezing cold water!


Let’s see it again…


Jamie makes a lot of mistakes this episode.  When Claire yanks the sheet out from him while he is sleeping and gives him a stern talking, it once again showed that their relationship was on equal footing.  Jamie really doesn’t know much about being a Laird.  When he argues with Jennie about the rents and disregarding her input, I cringed because you just knew that he was blundering his way through it.  When Jamie speaks to Claire about her interfering between Jennie and him, it’s great when he acknowledges that she is not the meek type.  Jamie asks Claire not to shame him in front of the servants as he is Laird – a new situation for all.  When Jamie last lived at Lallybroch, his father was still alive.  Typical Claire fashion, she acquiesces to his request, but lets him know that she has great aim!

Black Jack Randall makes a lot of appearances in this episode.  It’s like he haunts the property.  One thing about this show and Starz is that they strive to be realistic.  Full frontal goes both ways on this show.  When Frank whips it out and Jennie mocks him, I was surprised that it was that graphic.  He’s such an evil and sadistic man and Tobias Menzies plays him so well.  When Jamie shares with Claire the reason that Randall is so interested in him and that he wanted to ‘bugger’ him, it’s foreshadowing for the dark, dark times ahead.  (by the way, if you are really interested, there are a lot of close up images of Randall’s uncooperative member floating around the internet)


I think the loveliest scene this episode was when Jamie and Claire were cuddling in the window.  It was so intimate and honest.  Their kisses were better than a full on sex scene.  Finally Jamie tells Claire that he has wanted her since he met her.  He tells her that riding with her on his horse was so tempting.   Somehow it was really rewarding to hear Jamie say that he wanted Claire long before their marriage was proposed.  Ultimately he married her because he wanted to.  When he says he loves her in between soft kisses, I literally melted off the couch.  I actually held my breath worried that Claire wouldn’t say it back.  But I was worried for nothing – I mean she chose Jamie!  When she says it back, it made things perfect.

This was a relatively quiet episode which set up the plot for the coming tempest.  Next week’s promo shows some challenging times at Lallybroch with the Watch.  We witnessed them burning Scottish homes and taking livestock.  They seem like a Scottish mafia – Jamie has better watch his back!

Here is the preview for The Watch


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