Outlander Review – The Watch

outlander the watch

So this episode wasn’t my favourite.  I think it’s because I know that tough times are ahead for Jamie and Claire and nothing has gone right for these two in a while.  It’s tough material to come and as much as I LOVE this show, I’m dreading it.  Sam Heughan has commented in the press that they will ‘go there’, so no mystery as to what is going to happen soon.

outlander the watch2

Lallybroch has not been the idyllic life that Jamie hoped for.  We pick up where the show left off last week.  Jamie has met the Watch and is being threatened with his life.  I think this episode should just be called, “Everyone points a gun at Jamie”.  He is not having an easy time of it and as the viewer, its pretty damn hard to watch.

outlander the watch5

Jenny saves Jamie from the Watch and Jamie learns more about what has happened in his absence.  Ian lets the Watch come by every few months as it keeps Lallybroch and the Fraser people safe.  This makes them sound like the Scottish Mafia.  I dislike all the men who are part of the Watch.  When they burn the cart of hay, it just made me hate the bully mentality that seemed rampant in history (and today).

outlander the watch3

I just loved little Jamie.  What a scamp when he flicks water at Claire.  I always wonder about laundry during that time.  The whites never seem white, yet the Duke and Black Jack seem to have really white shirts.  How did they get their whites white?

outlander the watch8

Poor Jenny.  Its got to be rough having a baby before modern medicine.  It seemed like she was in labour the whole episode.  You know what is amazing about this show is the makeup work.  From Jamie’s back to the prosethic pregnant bellies of Geillis and Jenny.  It truly is remarkable.

outlander the watch4

Horrocks shows up and messes more things up for Jamie.  He demands money for his silence, but the damage is done as suspicion has been cast upon Jamie.  He has to tell the Watch that he has a price on his head.  This is the beginning of the horrible chain of events that are coming.  The Watch has been set up by Horrocks and the red coats set upon them.  It makes me glad that just before they leave Lallybroch Ian killed Horrocks to keep Jamie safe.  I’m so used to seeing Jamie close to the men from Castle Leoch, it was helpful to establish that Jamie has deep ties and connections to Ian.

outlander the watch6

Claire and Jamie had little time together in this episode.  When she told Jamie that she may not be able to give him sons, it was so heartbreaking.  The look on her face was so sad.  At first I worried that Jamie was going to say the wrong thing and he didn’t seem ready to comfort her when she was pouring her heart out.  A couple of things struck me.  First, Jamie did say the right things to her and gave her the comfort of his body.  Second, the harshness of his voice when he says, “Frank” surprised me.  They haven’t really explored if Jamie is jealous of Frank.  Finally, the look in Jamie’s eyes when he embraces Claire and when she leaves the room makes the viewer watching wonder if Jamie is really ok with what Claire has shared.

outlander the watch1

One thing I really love about Claire is her conviction in Jamie.  When he tells her about the problem that Horrocks creates, she tells him that they will deal with it together.  I think that for the past four years Jamie has been on the fringe and hasn’t had a partner.  While he was protected by his Uncle at Castle Leoch, he was sucked into the politics and a pawn for Dougall’s Jacobite cause.  With Claire there is no guile.  He really has nothing to offer her as the dream of Lallybroch is just a sojourn.  With the price on his head Jamie doesn’t have many prospects, which he himself has admitted are slim.

outlander the watch7

I adore that Claire is so passionate about finding Jamie from the red coats.  The preview for next week doesn’t look like good things are happening.  I am glad to see that Claire has rounded up the troops from Castle Leoch to help save Jamie.

What did you think?  Are you dreading the next two episodes or looking forward to it no matter what?


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