Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Will NEVER Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  Each week features a theme about reading and books.  This week’s theme is about the Top Ten Books that I will NEVER read.  This one is really, really hard!  Who wants to admit that they won’t read a book?  That they may be prejudiced against a book or author?  I don’t think I can come up with ten to be honest.  But here is my best shot:

1.  Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon

written in my heart's blood

I KNOW!  I have totally shocked you!  I love the Outlander series SO much – heck I even review every episode!  But here is where I have a prejudice to reveal.  I really don’t want to read about my favourite characters getting old.  I don’t want to read about them getting ill, struggling with life and having grandchildren.  I don’t know why, but it’s a personal problem that I am aware of.  So that being said, I stopped reading the Outlander series a couple of books back and likely won’t read them.

2.  Game of Thrones by George Martin

game of thrones

I really liked the first season of the show, but never had an interest in the books.  I think it’s because I prefer fantasy and science fiction on the screen rather than reading it. Maybe it’s because I need a visual that I am just not creative enough to develop when reading.  Plus, I prefer books that are under 500 pages and find it hard to stay focused longer than that.

3.  The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling

casual vacancy

One thing I admire about EL James is that she hasn’t tried to monopolize on her success of Fifty Shades of Grey.  She hasn’t published anything else and that’s cool with me.  JK Rowling did a wonderous, historic, epic job on the Harry Potter series.  She could never write a word again and she would still be outstanding.  When it was revealed that she was behind some new publications and then Casual Vacancy was released, it didn’t get great reviews.  It’s not that I want to put her in a box and limit her creativity as an artist, but I want to remember her words for the brilliance that was the world of Harry Potter only.

4.  Westerns

cowboy book

I know this isn’t a book, but a genre, but I am really not interested in the Western genre.  I have to say that I read a good one a couple of weeks ago.  Overall, it just is genre that is not alluring to me.  I don’t have anything against cowboys and would likely fall head over heels in love with the genre if I visited Texas, but as of right now, I prefer Scottish lads and Regency Dukes.

5.  The Latest Cynsters

cynster novel

This kind of goes along with what I said above.  While I adore Stephanie Laurens books and the Cynsters have given me many satisfying hours of enjoyment, there is something about reading about children and grandchildren that bothers me.  I feel it takes away from my memories and feelings of the earlier stories I read.  The last one I read in this category was by Lisa Kleypas (can’t remember the title) and it featured Sarah and Derek Craven.  These are two of her most beloved characters and the story catches up with them when they are older. The story revolves around their daughter, but they still get some air time and sexy time.  It just felt weird.  I know…I’m weird.

There…I reached five!  It was hard!  I really had to search for books that I wouldn’t read!  What will you never read?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Will NEVER Read”

  1. Speaking of JK Rowling–I read and enjoyed the first Harry Potter novel (the Sorcerer’s Stone), and downloaded the movie to Kindle. I completely understood the charm of the story, yet have no desire to read or watch the rest of the series. It’s as if I got it the first time.

  2. “Fifty Shades of Gray” is definitely one I don’t care to read. Too much erotic. At the risk of sounding like a prude, I’m finding more and more erotic in regency romance novels that were never that “heavily laced” before.

  3. Got to say I agree with your “Game of Thrones” choice. I’ve read three and a half books of the series and it really just became too much. I didn’t enjoy the deaths of all my favorite characters. I’m on “The Fiery cross” in Outlander now. I share your thoughts on not wanting to see your characters get old and read about their children. Perhaps it’s because it just takes the romance out of it? But I must say that so far Ms Gabaldon has done a great job of it! I’ll have to see…

  4. I love this list!! Game of Thrones I have no interest in either, and even though I am loving the tv show outlander…I am not sure I will ever read the series…just because of how the series evolves…not my type of thing honestly seeing them grow older with children. Maybe when I am in the mood to read such a series like this, just not sure it will ever happen.

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