No Gentleman for Georgina

No Gentleman for Georgina (The Notorious Flynns Book #4) by Jess Michaels

no gentleman for georgina

Overview by Amazon:

Georgina Hickson has lived her life doing everything she is supposed to do in order to land the titled husband her family requires. When she met Paul Abbot at a gathering at a friend’s, it was the first time she ever wanted more. But more is something she knows she cannot have.

Paul has been in love with Georgina since the moment he laid eyes on her two years before, but he knows he isn’t good enough for her and it can never be. But when he finds out she desperately wants to see a special exhibit in London, he agrees to take her. But can a stolen moment, a stolen kiss and a whispered confession lead to happiness or heartache?

I really like Jess Michael’s writing.  Her books are full of interesting plot, great characters and very steamy scenes.  I was so excited that there was another book in the Flynn series.  When I got this ARC, I couldn’t wait to hear Georgina’s story.

I didn’t realize that this was a novella, but it was such a good story it didn’t matter!  Both Georgina and Paul have been introduced in the previous Flynn books, so it was enjoyable to get to know their stories.

Georgina is tired of being a prized treat on the marriage mart and secluded by her over bearing parents.  She longs to have some freedom.  Her frustration leapt off the pages and as the reader you could sense the changes coming.

She has wanted Paul since she met him.  Lucky for her the feeling is mutual.  However Paul is entirely unsuitable as he manages a notorious nightclub and is definitely not titled.   What he lacks from birthright he makes up in character.  Handsome, smart and loyal, Paul is the kind of man that would turn most women’s heads.

One great and consistent thing about Jess Michael’s books is the steamy heat level.  For a novella, they don’t waste time and they have some amazing moments together.  This novella is a quick and fun read – another hit for Jess Michaels!


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