Highland Destiny

Highland Destiny by Hannah Howell

highland destiny

Overview by Amazon:

Bestselling Author Hannah Howell returns to the splendor of medieval Scotland in this first novel of her new trilogy–a saga of clan warfare, divided loyalties, and forbidden love. Here, in the Scottish highlands of the 15th century, a powerful knight meets his match in a mysterious beauty bent on revenge. When destiny brought Sir Balfour Murray and his wounded brother down the same road as Maldie Kirkaldy, she offered her services as a nurse even as she tried to deny the desire this dark-eyed knight had ignited at first sight. Soon they discover that they both share a mission of vengeance, but Maldie cannot tell him her true identity–to do so would brand her a spy. Sworn to avenge his family as chief of the Doncoill Clan, Balfour vows to destroy his greatest foe, with Maldie at his side. Yet Balfour knows that he can no more afford to trust her than he can ignore his lust for this sultry beauty. Now, he is not only determined to unearth her deepest secrets, but also to pursue his passion for her. And nothing will stand in his way.

Never judge a book by the cover.  This book was great but the cover is not!  I really enjoy Hannah Howell’s writing and this book was another solid effort.

The nuts and bolts of the plot are:  Highlanders, revenge, secrets and lies, steamy love and battles.  What makes this addition to the Highland series so good is that it has all the components that make a Highlander historical just awesome!

So why should you read this book?

First, there is Balfour.  Hot highlander to the extreme.  He reminded me of Sam Heughan and I loved how honourable he was.  Balfour is not used to getting the girl compared to his brother Nigel, so when he gets possessive about Maldie, it was exhilarating.

Then there is Maldie.  Don’t let the name ‘Maldie Kirkaldy’ through you off.  I know it’s a crazy name, but she is a spitfire!  Flashing green eyes and a wealth of secrets that torment her.  I loved that she was bold as brass and had so much courage.  She’s an inspiring character and I love it when she brings her man to heel.

The plot is centred around clan feuds and it was fascinating to read about realistic skirmishes and battles.  The Murray’s are not immediately successful even though they are good warriors.  They are going up against some very evil men and it takes a lot of spying and subterfuge to make their move.  There is an honest to God bad guy in this book and it’s so satisfying to read about a good versus evil match.

Balfour and Maldie make a great couple and I really enjoyed how they interacted.  Balfour gets schooled quite a bit by Maldie, sort of like Claire and Jamie from Outlander.  Maldie’s secrets threaten to tear them apart, and Balfour definitely makes mistakes.  It was more than the typical ‘misunderstanding’ and added a lot of depth to the relationship.

I like Hannah Howell’s novels.  They are always a fun read and the characters and plot make them exciting stories.  This one was published last year, but it’s definitely one not to miss!


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