Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Haven’t Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  Each week features a topic that can be applied to whatever genre of books you like to read.

This week the theme is the top ten books that have been hyped up that I have never read.  Many of these books are ones that I wouldn’t mind reading, but some just have no interest for me!

The Fault in our Stars

I haven’t read this book, nor watched the movie.  I have a hard time with books that don’t have the ‘happily ever after’.  I’m sure it’s a great book, but it’s not on my list!

the fault in our stars

Divergent Series

I have not read this series.  I have read the Hunger Games and it was enough for me.  I’m not huge into YA, so this isn’t top of my list.  I haven’t seen the movie either as Shailene Woodley is not my favourite actress.

Jane Eyre

Even though I love historicals, I am actually not a fan of reading the ‘real deal’.  I haven’t read Jane Eyre and I tried to watch the latest movie version and found it so depressing that not even Michael Fassbender could entice me to continue.

jane eyre

Pride and Prejudice

I know, I know!!  One of my very favourite movies is the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice.  I adore the early 1800s and will read almost anything set in this time.  However, Jane Austen’s writing is preferable to be on the screen than the page.

pride and prejudice

The Thorn Birds

I remember my mother reading this book when I was a kid.  I think there was a tv mini series as well.  I have never read this book and likely won’t get to it!

the thorn birds

Gone With The Wind

Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn to read this book.  I tried as a teenager to get swept away in this book, but like others on the list, the screen was the preferred medium for me!

gone with the wind

Beautiful Disaster

I know this series is very popular, but I haven’t got around to reading it yet.  I say ‘yet’ because this is one hyped book that I would like to read.

beautiful disaster

The Bride

I know this is considered one of the top historical romance novels of all time.  I am *pretty* sure that I haven’t read it – or if I have I can’t remember it at all.  One afternoon when my to be read list is smaller I will download this book and read it!

the bride

The Secret

I haven’t read this book, but it’s on a zillion top 100 lists of great romance novels.  This is another rainy day read for me!

the secret


Any book with that title is automatically going on my list.  I would like to read this very hyped book!



13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Haven’t Read”

  1. I will not read books with no happy ending either. My teenage daughter loves The Fault in Our Stars! I haven’t read that. She read the Divergent series, but not the last book. I understand the heroine dies. I will not read that. Jane Eyre is really depressing, the book more so than the movie, if you can believe that! The BBC P&P follows the book almost exactly, so you probably don’t need to read that. Wallbanger was really good, but I haven’t gotten to the other books in the series. I read the Thorn Birds about 25 years ago & I was an emotional wreck, so I don’t suggest it – also not a HEA. I haven’t read the Julie Garwood books, Gone With the Wind or Beautiful disaster, either. I saw the movie GWTW & I would never watch it again. I am very unsympathetic toward Scarlet, the B—-.

  2. Wallbanger is so funny! I was an English major in college and loved British 18th-19th century lit class because I got to read and study Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. I think Jane Eyre is one of the greatest books of all time, and without Jane Austen we wouldn’t have Julia Quinn. I don’t read classics for entertainment but I respect them and what those authors did for women’s empowerment and equality and paving the way for the billion-dollar romance book publishing industry today. Haven’t read any of the other books on your list.

  3. Though I don’t usually read books without the HEA either, I read The Fault in Our Stars to judge whether to let my then 11 year old daughter read it. I cannot recommend it enough. The writing is brilliant.

    I love Jane Austen’s books and reread them every few years, again because language is so fantastic and give me all the feels. Like this from Captain Wentworth in Persuasion: “I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone forever.”

    Anyway, I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read Julie Garwood yet, but she’s on my list, as is Beautiful Disaster. I agree about Divergent. I read the first Hunger Games book, but couldn’t get into the others in the series. I read Gone with the Wind when I was in high school, but I liked the movie better. Like you, I remember my mom watching the Thornbirds on TV, but I’ve never had any desire to read it.

    Thanks for the thought provoking list!

  4. I remember seeing the TV series of The Thorn Birds but I have never read the book. I have a paperback copy of Julie Garwood’s The Bride but haven’t had chance to read it yet.

  5. Julie Garwood is one of my favorite authors of all time. Pride and Prejudice is another long time favorite. I finally read Gone with the Wind after having my second child. I read it while pumping and totally got hooked. It was on my tbr list for years.

  6. It took me a few reads – and a number of years – before I really appreciated Pride and Prejudice. I don’t love some of Austen’s other books, but P&P is a favourite now.
    One of the things I like about the book is that it has all these scenes that never make it into adaptations (BETTER scenes, and I wonder why some of these are left out). And Mr Darcy SMILES a lot more than the actors who portray him do! 🙂

    I really should read The Thorn Birds, as it’s an Australian classic. For some reason they filmed the miniseries in the US, complete with vehicles on the wrong side of the road!

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