Relentless Lord

Relentless Lord by Amy Sandas

relentless lord

Overview by Amazon:

Hannah Walpole suspected the etiquette lessons her parents insisted upon were a wasted effort. Now, looking around at the ton at her debut, she’s sure of it. Her home is the African continent. She simply does not fit in English Society. Nothing will convince her otherwise, especially not a devilishly handsome lord with black hair, vivid green eyes and a wicked reputation for debauching innocent young women.

Lord Miles Whitely admires Hannah’s adventurous spirit and cool composure in the face of adversity. It doesn’t hurt that their first encounter provides him with the delightful opportunity to get his hands beneath her skirts.

When the lady declares she cannot be seduced, he cheerfully takes up the gauntlet she has unwittingly thrown down. But Hannah has no intention of succumbing to his striking gaze or honeyed flattery. Until a crisis leads her to suspect he’s not truly the cad everyone warned her about…

This is a fun and quick novella!  I have never read anything by Amy Sandas before, but since it’s published by Samhain, I figured it was a safe bet!  I enjoyed reading this book and found the characters well developed for a short story.

Hannah is from Africa.  She has been sent to London to experience a season.  To say that she is not having the time of her life is an understatement.  The women are cold, the men lecherous and the customs odd.  For a woman who has known freedom and adventure, the ballrooms of the haute ton leave a lot to be desired. Until she meets Miles.

Miles makes everything more interesting.  He wants to seduce her so badly, but the joke is on him.  I love this reversal of fortune when it happens in a book.  He becomes the one ensnared in her web, rather than her falling for his seduction.

However, for a shorter book, there is plenty of seduction and naughty behaviour.  I think I fell a bit in love with Hannah when she calls his bluff at the lake – a scene not to be missed!

An enjoyable story that features fun characters, a house party full of surprises and some steamy moments.  This is the perfect book for a lazy day by the pool!


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