Q & A with Angela Quarles

Angela Quarles is a great author!  She has written two of my very favourite time travel books, Must Love Breeches and Must Love Chainmail.  I want to tell everyone about these books and share how awesome her writing is!  She creates stories that are really complex, incredibly well researched and exciting.  When I read her books, it’s like answering the question I have, “What would it be like to go back in time?”

must love chainmail

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Angela Quarles book’s, then read my reviews of Must Love Breeches here and Must Love Chainmail here.  I was fortunate enough to get Angela to do a Q & A with me and she offered to give an e-copy of her latest, Must Love Chainmail to a lucky reader!  In order to win a copy, all you have to do is reply in the comments which time period you would like to visit the most if you could travel back in time.  The winner will be picked on Monday July 27th, so check back to see if you were the extremely lucky person who will get to enjoy Must Love Chainmail!


What made you select the medieval period of time and specifically Wales?
I had the title first, so I knew it needed to be in the time frame when mail armor hadn’t yet been replaced by plate armor, which narrowed it down to pre-1300s, pretty much. Then, as I poked around, I was drawn to having a Welsh setting–I loved the idea of highlighting such a unique setting and culture. So then I started looking at the major events in my time frame and place, and learned about Madog’s Rebellion of 1294, and just felt it was a perfect backdrop for my story.
 How challenging was it to find out about the various languages spoken in that time?
I had a rough idea of which languages were around that I firmed up with some research, but the challenge was writing her immersion in it without it getting pedantic or unrealistic. Having her as a French translator certainly aided in making it more believable that she was able to pick it up so quickly. But yeah, it was a fine balance I had to walk. Especially since I was also writing the hero’s POV in a language he wouldn’t even have known. I had to make up a medieval-sounding cadence and syntax for him. Sometimes I had to pull myself back from getting too nerdy about it 🙂
What time period would you like to end up in if you could go back?
Oh wow. That’s a tough one. If I had a Star Trek Universal Translator, I might go back to the pyramid-building days, but these books in my Must Love series are kind of my chances to explore eras I’d like to visit. Must Love Breeches allowed me to explore 1834 London and meet an idol, Ada Lovelace, and so on.
What authors have inspired your writing?  Who do you read when you want to relax from writing?
Tessa Dare, Christopher Moore, early Amanda Quick, Loretta Chase, and Julia Quinn. I love snuggling down with one of theirs, or revisiting one. Courtney Milan is another. I was also influenced by early Katie MacAlister… However, I cut my fiction-writing teeth though on writing Jane Austen fan fic 🙂
What is next in the time travelling series?
Next up is Must Love Kilts! I haven’t yet narrowed down the time frame for it, but it will follow Katy’s friend Traci who just doesn’t get her sister’s obsession with hot guys in kilts. Until she does.
Thank you to Angela for taking the time to answer the questions and the giveaway!

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