The Earl Claims a Bride

The Earl Claims a Bride (The Heir’s Club) by Amelia Grey

the earl claims a bride

Overview by Amazon:


Harrison Thornwick is the Heirs’ Club’s newest member. His carefree days as a reckless rogue carousing around London are suddenly behind him after the tragic death of his brother leaves him in charge of the family estate. What’s more, the Prince himself has offered to secure his marital prospects. Now Harrison has no choice but to grin and bear his noble fate-and the woman who’s been chosen for him.

BECOME A LOVE FOR ALL TIME? Miss Angelina Rule is a spectacular beauty, a dream match for any man. But she is fiercely independent-and full of passion-and is all set to rebel against her royal order of marriage…until she meets the devilishly charming Harrison. With him by her side, Angelina devises a scheme that will teach her meddlesome relatives a lesson, once and for all. But little did she and Harrison expect to fall into a tempestuous attraction-and a powerful desire that neither of them can deny…

It is so great when you read a book that has a totally awesome male lead.  I adored Harrison!  He was so smooth and sexy.  He was a rogue, but all that coiled male energy was focused on the very lovely and lucky Angelina.  Amelia Gray has created a great love triangle that examines the emotions of falling in love.

Angelina was smitten with a Captain in the British Army as a teenager.  It’s that typical infatuation you have as an inexperienced young woman.  A few glances and bam – its love!  Angelina has harboured love for the Captain for three years.  She believes she is in love with him, but reality is very different from the fantasy she has built in her mind.

Harrison comes into her life through the machinations of the Prince of Wales.  He will pay off her father’s substantial debt in exchange for her marrying Harrison.  Harrison is the youngest son of four, he was never supposed to inherit the title, but numerous tragedies have made it possible.

Harrison is taken with Amelia from the moment he sees her.  He doesn’t really want to marry and his attentions are on restoring his estate.  However, Angelina surprises him and he finds that besides the strong attraction he feels, he likes her.  And so begins his adventure of chasing Angelina.  He fits her numerous descriptions of rogue, rule-breaker and cad, but it’s all in an effort to combat the feelings she is developing for him.

The Captain returns and hence, the love triangle begins.  Angelina spends time with the Captain who has been greviously injured in India.  She wants to heal him and care for him, like she does with her numerous strays she takes in.  Both men want Angelina, and she must make a choice.

What I enjoyed about this book was the introspective tone to the book.  It was a deep view into what is attraction, love and how to make the right choice for the rest of your life.  Do you choose someone in order to heal them?  Or do you pick the person that makes your heart beat a little faster?  Is lust the same thing as love?  Will lust fade and if it does, what are you left with?  These are some of the inner struggles that the characters face.

What makes this book successful is the well-developed dialogue and plot.  The author is judicious in the scenes she creates and propels the plot along well.  The author Sarah MacLean says that a love scene should create conflict (or something like that) and Amelia Gray does this well.  It’s not like the book is full of crisis’s, but rather each scene is conceived to push the characters into action or reflection.

It’s hard to right about the chemistry between characters – it must be even harder to create it!  The chemistry between Harrison and Angelina is one of the things I liked the most about this book.  They tease each other and send smouldering looks.  I adored how they interacted and that Harrison was so captivated by Angelina.

This was a great story and I found myself lost in the words on the page and the tangle of emotions it provoked.


One thought on “The Earl Claims a Bride”

  1. oh I really like this author, I recently discovered her and I like what I have read so far from her. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, and after reading your review, you have me super excited even though I am not a huge fan of love triangles, I haven’t read one in quite a long time. And I do love a story that delves a bit deeper in the emotional aspect of a story.

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