Top Ten Tuesday – Most Read Authors

The Broke and the Bookish is a blog that hosts a weekly meme.  Each week features a theme that can be applied to any genre of books.  This week is a really fun meme – the authors that I have read the most books from!  This one is super easy!  I don’t even have to go through my kindle app to see which author’s qualify!

So, here are the authors who are on auto-buy for me and who I have read the most from!

1.  Monica McCarty

monica mccarty

She is just so amazing!  I adore her Highland Guard series.  It’s like SEALs in Kilts in medieval Scotland.  The writing is amazing and the love scenes are off the hook!  If you haven’t discovered her yet, please go check her out now!

2.  Shana Galen

Color Shana Galen L-R-2118

Since starting this blog, I have had the amazing pleasure of communicating with Shana.  She did a Q & A with me for the release of her new series, Covent Gardens.  I love her Regency books as they have great characters, impressive villains, exciting plot and spicy love scenes.  Her books are never a let down and I know I am in for a great time when starting her books.

3.  Stephanie Laurens


I was recently thinking about Stephanie Laurens series the other day.  I was reminiscing on how much I loved the Cynsters and the Bastion Club.  One of my all time favourite books come from her series.  The books are very character driven, but also have great plots.  The love scenes are lush and numerous.  A great author who is still producing books featuring the families reader have grown to love.

4.  Suzanne Enoch

suzanne enoch

I love Suzanne Enoch’s historical romance novels so much!  They are consistently great!  But, my very favourite is the Sam Jellicoe series.  It’s so sassy and fun!  Suzanne knows how to great amazing characters and I see her influence on young, new authors.

5.  Judith McNaught


She is the Grand Dame of historical romance novels!  I love her so much!  Her books were the first I have ever read in this genre and she is the measure I hold all books up to.

6.  Marsha Canham

marsha canham

I went on a kick with Marsha’s books a while ago (before I started the blog) and it wasn’t until I went through my kindle that I realized how many of her books I have read.  I like that her books span a wide range of historical times.  Strong male characters and great heroines!

7.  Sylvia Day

sylvia day

I have read more than just the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.  She has some paranormal books, historical and racy romps published.  I just wish we could finally get the final Crossfire book published!!  Argh!

8.  Gaelen Foley

gaelen author

I don’t know why this author doesn’t get as much attention from readers as others.  She is great and some of my very favourite books are from her.  I love the female characters she creates and the spy series is just outstanding.  Very sexy scenes that you will remember for a while…I think I may need to go back and re-read some of her work and blog about it!

9.  Madeline Hunter

madeline hunter

I haven’t read much by this author lately, but I have quite a few of her books and they are wonderful!  A great way to get a historical romance fix and know that you are going to have a wonderful series to follow.

10.  Sabrina Jeffries

sabrina jeffries

I love when author’s are consistently wonderful!  Sabrina Jeffries is one of the authors that I have been following over the years.  I was actually amazed at how many books I have!  Another author that you should definitely add to your list!

Edited:  I can’t believe I left off Lisa Kleypas!  She has definitely earned a place on this list!  I think I have read every single book she has published!  I just reviewed her latest Brown Eyed Girl.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Most Read Authors”

  1. I totally agree about Gaelen Foley. I loved her Knight Miscellany series, escpecially “The Duke” which is on my list of all-time favourite books. I did a post on my blog a couple of years ago in which I featured four of my favourite Historical Romance marriage proposals. The scene where Robert Knight proposes to Bel Hamilton definitely tops my list as the most heart-melting proposal ever!

    I have only read Shana Galen’s “When You Give a Duke a Diamond” but I will definitely be reading more of her books.

    I used to be a big Stephanie Laurens fan when I first started reading Historical Romance but her propensity for frequent and over-long love scenes became a big turn off for me.

    Judith McNaught is the author who first introduced me to Historical Romance when I read “Whitney, My Love” and I still have a soft spot for that book.

    1. I agree with all your thoughts Carol! I have found Stephanie Lauren’s love scenes long, especially the use of the word ‘conflagration’. But her book with Royce and Minerva was one of her best.
      Shana Galen’s spy series is a great place to start with her work. I did a review on Lord and Lady Spy proclaiming how much I loved that book.
      Judith McNaught is a perennial favourite. She’s the best.

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