Finding Fraser

Finding Fraser by kc dyer

finding fraser

Overview by Amazon:

I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old. He was tall, red-headed, and at our first meeting at least, a virgin. I fell in love hard, fast and completely. He knew how to ride a horse, wield a sword and stitch a wound. He was, in fact, the perfect man.

That he was fictional hardly entered into it.

At 29, Emma Sheridan’s life is a disaster and she’s tired of waiting for the perfect boyfriend to step from the pages of her favorite book. There’s only one place to look, and it means selling everything and leaving her world behind. With an unexpected collection of allies along the way, can Emma face down a naked fishmonger, a randy gnome, a perfidious thief, and even her own abdominal muscles on the journey to find her Fraser?

I saw this book on my news feed on Facebook and just the cover alone sold me on it.  I read the Outlander books a long time ago and the tv show has definitely re-kindled my love for the Jamie and Claire story.  In some respects, I think I like the show more.  Not because of the writing of the book, but Sam Heughan and Caitronia Balfe are just the perfect pair to play the time travelling lovers.

This book is like the fantasy you have when you are stuck in traffic or bored in a meeting.  What would it be like to sell everything you own and hightail it to Scotland in search of the perfect, kilt-wearing, ginger, Jamie Fraser?  The author creates a coming-of-age story that takes you on that journey and then some.

We meet Emma in Chicago as she conceives of this plan.  Her sister, Sophia is horrified at Emma’s wanderlust.  Sophia remains in the story through her comments on Emma’s travel blog and she adds moments of great amusement.  Emma is 29, divorced and just fired from a job at Starbucks.  She has nothing to lose and is convinced that travelling to Scotland will lead her to the modern day Jamie.

She eventually gets to Scotland, with numerous trials and tribulations along the way.  I think what makes this book so fun is Emma’s voice.  She has a great sense of humour and finds herself in situations that are at times laughable and yet sad.  To give up everything in search of a fictional character seems so crazy, but the journey is really about Emma finding herself.

She does this in the beauty of Scotland.  The book itself is like a love letter to the Highlands, the castles, the people and the culture.  Emma shows you a Scotland that is very different from historical romance novels.  Obviously it is set in modern day, but it is more than that.  When she cries at the Culloden memorial, I remembered all the books I have read (including Outlander) that talk about the massacre, but Emma’s visit makes the memories more profound.

Emma’s blog is hilarious.  I am quite envious that after only a few posts, she has quite a following and a lot of people leaving comments.  Not all bloggers are that lucky.  She has one ardent fan from Japan, HiHoKitty.  The author must have had so much fun developing this relationship and HiHoKitty’s belief in Emma is sometimes the only thing she has going for her.

She meets many characters along the way.  I don’t just mean characters in the book, but characters as in interesting people.  Rabby the gnome, Gerald the Southern belle, Jack the author, Morag the landlady and Hamish aka Fraser.  That’s right, Emma meets a man.  Her ‘relationship’ with Hamish is clear to the reader.  It’s not a good one, but Emma keeps trying to fit Hamish into Jamie’s mold.  She was missing what was clearly in front of her the whole time.

Before you think this is all easy-peasy, it isn’t.  A lot of the story is Emma’s struggles.  Her challenges with anxiety, her self worth, with money, her family and with the premise of her journey.  She gets robbed and almost packs it all in, but Emma is made of sterner stuff and finds a way to keep going.

This book is really about the story of Emma finding herself.  It is maudlin at times, but mostly very funny and relatable.  This is exactly the type of adventure that would happen if you took off one day to answer the question, ‘what if’?

The love of Jamie and Claire is what drove Emma to Scotland.  She wanted to find a man like Jamie to have in her life.  She ended up having an adventure, a love affair with Scotland and making some great friends and memories.  This book is a definitely exciting and I raced through it reading as fast as I could.  Diana Gabaldon has commented, “Jamie Fraser would be Deeply Gratified at having inspired such a charmingly funny, poignant story–and so am I.”  If you are a fan of Scotland, Outlander, romance or travelling than this is a great story that you will enjoy.

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