The Prince and I

The Prince and I (The Oxenburg Princes Series) by Karen Hawkins

the prince and I

Overview by Amazon:

Max Romanovin, Oxenburg’s warrior prince, is escorting his grandmother to a house party deep in the Highlands when he and his entourage are robbed at sword point by a group of ruffians led by a man the locals have dubbed “The Scottish Robin Hood.” The battle-savvy prince instantly realizes there’s something different about this thief, and it’s not just the Scottish accent—it’s the fact that “he” is really a “she.”

Lady Murian, a young widow out for revenge against the powerful earl who killed her husband and stole his birthright, is now living in the woods with her family’s banished retainers. To stay alive, she and her band of men rob rich nobles coming to visit the evil earl. But when she ambushes the Prince of Oxenburg’s golden coach, she gets far more than she expected. For when the prince uncovers her true identity, she’s afraid that he might be the real thief…of her heart.

This book starts with a fabulous highway robbery.  I love it when a book starts with a climatic and energizing scene.  It drew me in as a reader and I couldn’t wait to find out more about the characters.  I really enjoyed this story and I think the author has developed some great characters for her new series.

We meet Max as he is on the way to the Earl of Loudan’s estate for a visit.  Max is an Oxenburg Prince and is a military man.  He is extremely capable and I found him an endearing character to spend time with.  Max doesn’t back down from the challenge of sparring with the leader of the highway robbers – both verbally and physically.

The leader turns out to be Murian.  Although she is the former lady of an Earl and the keep in question, she is living the outlaw life.  She is like a female Robin Hood.  She steals to feed the former occupants of the castle that she is now responsible for.  I loved that in her forest hideaway she had Aubusson carpets and feather beds.  Murian carries so much responsibility on her shoulders for one so young.

Max and Murian meet again and again.  Max is so intrigued by Murian that he spends his days searching for the merry robbers.  What I loved about this book was the unexpected.  When Max finds her village of misfits, he doesn’t turn her in, but rather spends his days helping her repair the countless leaks and drafts in the daub cottages.

Of course, there is passion between the two and it comes together in some spectacular scenes.  For both of them this has to be a dalliance.  Max lives in Oxenburg and Murian is desperately trying to get her home back.  As the reader, this was exciting to read.  How would the author weave the plot in order to the happily ever after we expect and demand as readers?

This book has some great characters.  Max and Murian are supported by a fantastic cast of characters that support the story.  The current Earl of Loudan is a perfect devil and he is a source of great conflict for the characters and plot.

I am excited for the next book in this series, I am sure it will be just as great as this one was!

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7 thoughts on “The Prince and I”

  1. I just read this one and LOVED it…dang it was good. I just love what Hawkins is doing with these brothers. The Robin Hood theme was so fun and both of these characters were so wonderfully written.

    1. I haven’t read any other books in this series. I want to though! I’m glad we agree on this book! I actually found two of her books at my local dollar store – couldn’t believe it! They are on my to-be-read list!

      1. oh you haven’t? One of the brothers has a story in her previous series “The Duchess Diaries”. I just love this author, she has been a favorite since I first started reading romance. Hope you enjoy her other books…and wow at a dollar store? That is one lucky find.

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