Top Ten Tuesday – Book Wishes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week features a different theme that can be applied to whatever genre of books you like to read. This week’s theme is awesome!  If there was a book genie, what would I wish for!?

I have so many book wishes and it has been beyond fun to get to explore this!

1.  More Sam Jellicoe

This is really high on my wish list!  Suzanne Enoch created this amazing character and wrote quite a few books featuring this awesome character and just when things were heating up….no more books!  I desparately need more Sam and Rick!  Please!

2.  Lillian and Marcus

One of my very favourite books is by Lisa Kleypas.  I adored It Happened One Autumn and the characters of Lillian and Marcus have a special place in my heart.  I would love to have another book featuring the two.  I know that they have settled into martial bliss, but knowing the character of Lillian, there are a thousand adventures still to write about.

3.  Judith McNaught

It has been over ten years since she published a book.  There was one in the works that was never released.  It would be so wonderful if that final book could be published!  She is just so talented and I would use a genie wish to get one more book from her!

4.  Crossfire

I have been invested in the Crossfire series since it started and it has been painful.  While I like the books, I have found the wait inbetween books to be almost cruel.  When the books first came out it was intended to be a trilogy.  The backlash on Amazon was extreme when it was revealed that it was a five parter.  Since then it has been over a year between publications.  The final book has yet to get a publication date!  While I like Sylvia Day’s work, I find it hard to believe that an author keeps fans waiting so long.

5.  Netgalley

I get the majority of the books I read as ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) from the website Netgalley.  While I get approved for most of the books I request, I still get turned down.  My wish for a book genie would be to get on a pre-approved list!  Then I could just click and read whatever catches my fancy!  Ultimate goal!

6.  Blog Goal

Since I started my blog, I have some die hard readers who comment, read and like on a regular basis.  I love and appreciate the support.  I also have some authors who constantly support me and send new authors my way.  My book genie wish for the blog is that it will continue to grow and new readers will find my reviews and they will be helpful pairing people with great books!

7.  Midnight Sun

What?  You are likely saying.  Back when Twilight was big, the author Stephanie Meyer wrote the original book from Edward’s perspective.  Someone leaked the first few chapters on the internet and the author abandoned the project.  While this is not a new concept (EL James did it with Grey), I actually found the few chapters of Midnight Sun to be so interesting and actually better from Edward’s point of view than Bella’s.  While I don’t read YA Fiction very often, it would be a book I would make an exception for!

8.  Sports

Another book genie wish I have is to read more sports contemporary romance.  I love baseball, football, hockey and more.  Most of the contemporary sports books I have read are great!  I want to add more to my reading list this fall!

9.  New series

I really like Georgia Cates, Raine Miller, and Meredith Wild.  They have all finished series in the past year.  I want the book Genie to grant me a wish of having them write more amazing series for me to fall in love with.

10.  Movies

Romance genre is one of the most popular and profitable forms of literature out there.  I wish that there would be more movies and tv shows based on some of the truly great books!  All the money spent on stupid comedies and bad slasher pics could be spent on bringing some truly great books to life!


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Wishes”

  1. Great list! We have the same goal on both our lists – #6 that our blog continues to grow! 😀
    And YES to more romance movies based on books – I would love to see ‘marriages of convenience’ and other famous tropes on film based on Mills and Boon and Harlequin books! 😀

  2. what a fantastic list you have here!! I love Lillian and Marcus as well and it was such fun reading the holiday story of the wallflower series…we got to see some after thoughts of all four couples which was fun to see and we see quite a bit from Marcus and Lillian including seeing that just because the love story got a happy ending, that a couple doesn’t have problems or misunderstandings down the road to work out. I agree with movies and tv on romance novels. we see quite a bit of YA, but I would love to see more adult romance, which is probably why fifty shades and outlander have become so popular. I recently this past year have gotten hooked on sports romance…I love the drama and tension you find in them. I really hate book delays on stories due to publishers or what not. Like with Maya Banks historical series, its been three years waiting for the next installment which has been written just needs a publisher. I really hope Banks gets back to those books but it can be a killer to those fans waiting for them. Makes me grateful I never pre ordered that one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I had the Maya Banks book pre-ordered and Amazon cancelled it! It makes it hard to get into the book when it has been so long between publications – especially when the plot continues.

  3. I would love to revisit all the characters fron LK’s The Wallflowers again.

    Judith McNaught’s “Whitney, My Love” was the book that started my love of Historical Romance and it’s so sad that she no longer writes.

    I would love to see some of my favourite books made into movies, particularly The Wallflowers and Hathaways series.

  4. The frustration with the Crossfire series is growing – especially after the publication YEAR was removed from the book’s information!
    I think a lot of the anger is coming from the fact Day has spent the past year attending every romance convention in the US, as well as some overseas, and launching a lifestyle magazine. People want the series finished, not recipes!

    NetGalley frustrates me often, because they’re getting stricter and stricter with regional restrictions! I’m lucky Harlequin auto-approved me yonks ago, because now they’re saying they’ll only give books to people in the US and Canada…

    1. I know! People were so mad when it was revealed that it wasn’t a trilogy. I waver between being ok with Sylvia Day writing what is her pet projects and not having to stick to a deadline, but then I feel like it’s disrespectful to her fans that want this final book. Way to long between books in my opinion. But I’m a sucker and will still buy and devour the last one – whenever it finally comes out. I just can’t imagine her publisher and agent are supportive of the lengthy wait. But I guess when you get as popular as she is in the publishing and romance industry, she can do as she pleases.

  5. Oh, and it’s Annabelle and Simon Hunt for me all the way with the Wallflowers. I know it’s unfashionable these days, but I often like my romance heroines to be a physical match for their heroes (as in if he’s gorgeous, then she should be allowed to be attractive too), and to have some manners (nobody could accuse Lillian of respecting the society she married into!).

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