Once Upon A Power Play

Once Upon A Power Play (Risky Business) by Jennifer Bonds

once upon a powerplay

Overview by Amazon:

Sidelined by a potentially career-ending injury, the only thing hockey player Ryan Douglas should be thinking about is recovery. But after sharing a near death experience and a night of passion with a spunky brunette, the only thing on his mind is five and a half feet of sexy sarcasm. And he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back in his bed—even if it means playing dirty.

Chloe Jacobs is done with fairytales. And men. She’s kissed her share of frogs and what’s it gotten her? Dumped by text—again. Determined to eighty-six illusions of romance and prove she’s more than just a good-time girl, the last thing she needs is a pushy, arrogant hockey player testing her resolve. Especially one who’s sinfully good with his hands and thinks date-by-blackmail is a perfectly acceptable social convention.

Ryan wants to play games? Fine by her, but this is one faceoff he’s going to lose.

I LOVED this book!  I thought it was amazing!  I have recently become a huge fan of the sports genre – hockey, baseball, football.  Living in a major hockey city, you are not allowed to dislike hockey.  So when I saw this book on Netgalley, I snapped it up right away.

Chloe is the friend I wish I had.  I love her perspective on life!  She is a straight shooter and a little bit wild.  Her love life has sucked hard for a long time, so she is beyond jaded when she accidently meets Ryan Douglas.  Their first encounter was hilarious.  As much as I love hockey, I don’t know if I would recognize a player out of their pads, helmet and gear.

Ryan is the captain of the Rangers.  He has been sidelined with a possible career ending injury and his long time girlfriend dumped him.  What I liked so much about Ryan was that he was a really good guy.  No history of puck bunnies or bad boy behaviour.  But under that good guy exterior, was a dirty talking sex god.  The love scenes between the two were scorching hot and I thoroughly enjoyed how they connected.

The story is a great telling of how a couple goes from random hook ups to a real relationship.  I liked how the author explored this.  At times, it was very easy to forget that Ryan was a sports celebrity.  Chloe wasn’t impressed with his notoriety and I loved that about her.  While the characters are really well fleshed out, I knew more about Ryan’s back story than Chloe.  Besides one slight mention of her family and that she grew up in New York City, there wasn’t much context to her background besides her failed relationships.

Chloe’s job keeps the two of them in constant contact.  Chloe is doing the PR for a children’s charity and is feeling the pressure to do her job well and to support the adorable little rug rats.  When Ryan steps up to help her, I fell even harder for him.

Chloe is such a breath of fresh air.  She’s the brash and caustic New Yorker, but also deliciously funny and wicked.  She was such a great counterpart to Ryan.  When the big misunderstanding happens, we get to see what Chloe is made of.  I really liked how the author manoeuvered the plot and she evoked a lot of emotions out of me as the reader.

This is not only a great hockey romance book, but a great contemporary romance novel!  I highly recommend checking it out!


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