Top Ten Tuesday – TV Series

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  Each week features a different theme that can be applied to whatever genre of books you like to read.  Last week I thought the theme was favourite quotes and I replaced it with my own list.  But I was wrong, it was books you are still waiting to be made into movies.  So once again I am putting my own twist on things.  This week I am going to list the books I think would be great as a TV series.  I’m motivated by how great Outlander is and what I would like to see on the small screen.

the striker

The Highland Guard by Monica McCarty

There are about 13 books in this series and it features highlanders who fight for Robert the Bruce.  They are like Highlander Navy SEALs, using pirate methods to fight against the English.  I would love to see a series featuring these braw men and the politics of medieval Scotland.  There are even websites devoted to what actors could play the men and ladies in the series.


The Inevitable Series by Janet Nissenson

I fell in love with this series by Janet Nissenson over the past year.  The characters and the stories are excellent.  Most of the stories take place in beautiful San Francisco.  It would be best if Starz produced it because her books are quite steamy and it would be awesome to see what I have imagined in my mind.

beauty bundle

Beauty Series by Georgia Cates

I originally found this author by reading her Sin Trilogy, but this series was just as good, if not better.  This series features a Nashville girl who goes to Australia for a summer vacation.  She quickly falls into a relationship with an enigmatic man.  Between Nashville and Australia, the two lovers have an explosive connection that had me between torn and elated as they figure things out.  Awesome series!

reclaim me

Chasing Fire Series by Amy K. Rogers and Ann Marie Walker

This series starts with young summer love that doesn’t end well.  Many years later, the couple are thrown together over boardroom mergers and the combustible passion can’t be denied.  This is a wonderful series that is romantic and emotional.  It would be so amazing as a tv show as a movie wouldn’t be able to do justice to the lush romance.

my highland lover

Highland Hearts Series by Maeve Greyson

This series features a family of time travelling women.  I love time travelling romance books.  This series is different in the way that the ladies know what is coming, because they are from the past.  Slowly each one is sent back in time to take their place in destiny.  Really steamy, really funny at time and very well developed.  These books would be wonderful on the small screen.

on dublin street

On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young

This series has been hugely popular.  The latest novella was just released and fans rabidly follow it.  A series that features Joss and Braedon and their friends would be fantastic.  It would be wonderful to see beautiful modern Scotland shown in the series.

his wicked seduction

League of Rogues by Lauren Smith

The early 1800s are always popular with viewers.  Look at how many productions of Jane Austen’s work are out there!  This series features the League men.  They are definitely rogues and very hot as well.  Lauren Smith’s books feature the noble spies and the ladies they fall for.  It would be great as a series, witty, engaging and sexy!


Regency Spies Series by Shana Galen

Like I just said, our culture has a major crush on the Regency era.  This series by Shana Galen is such cheeky fun!  The books are all spy series set in the Regency era, but there is a familiarity with each of them.  They take from our favourite modern spy movies – Mr. and Mrs. Smith, James Bond…

A truly awesome series that you need to read and would be so great to see on tv!

captivated by you

Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

I guess no list like this would be complete without the Crossfire series on it.  I think it has been optioned, as it should be.  I almost hate myself for continuing to keep up with this series, because I think the wait in between books has been ridiculous.  However, this series would be an awesome series.  Can you imagine how hot the cast would be?  Filmed in NYC would be amazing!  I heard that Sylvia Day would love to have Henry Cavill as Gideon and Dianna Argon as Eva.

What books would you like to have brought to your tv?


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