Mind Games

Mind Games by Laura K Curtismind games

Overview by Netgalley:

The daughter of a schizophrenic, Dr. Jane Evans prioritizes order, control, and—above all—her work in a psychiatric research lab. When an attempted kidnapping threatens to derail the project she’s on, her boss hires a bodyguard. He’s everything Jane is not, and if she can survive, she may even learn to like the difference.

Eric Sorensen owes Jane a debt he can’t possibly repay. Without her tutoring, he would not have made it through college, would not have the life he does. But none of his memories of college Jane prepare him for adult Jane. When she suddenly disappears, he follows her trail to a secret lab in a cartel-controlled Mexican jungle. Rescue seems impossible but Eric’s not the type to give up, even if it means trading his own life for hers.

This was a really interesting book to read.  I liked the love story, but what was really fascinating was the research that the author has done to create a story that is realistic.  Dr. Jane Evans is a researcher who creates drugs.  She is working on a new drug when her safety is in jeopardy.  Enter Eric to protect her.  This story goes from the office buildings of New York City to the jungles of Mexico.  I feel like I have learned so much about security, pharmacology, and cartels since reading this book!

I have to say, Eric was the big hit for me in this book.  He reminded me of a Viking avenger.  He is hot, with his muscles and long blond hair.  Hearing about his military training and reading about it in action was a major turn on.  He wasn’t the perfect man, but he was loyal, strong and sexy!

Jane was a really well developed character.  Her story unfolds as the story progresses and I had a strong understanding of her motivations and ideas by the time the book ended.  I could definitely understand her attraction to Eric.

The strength of this book is the twists and turns the book takes.  I was constantly suspicious of characters and trying to figure out who was the mastermind of the plot that put Jane in danger.  Everytime I thought things would be wrapped up neat and tidy, another curve was thrown and it just made the story more interesting.

While the romance and sex is hot and heavy, this book has more to offer.  It is a great mystery with lots of action.  It kept my attention and interest!


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