The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn

The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn (Order of the M.U.S.E) by Mia Marlowe

lost soul of lord badewyn

Overview by Amazon:

He vowed to never fall in love…

Meg Anthony was never raised a lady. Instead, she grew up amongst grifters who used her unique “finding” ability for their own selfish purposes. Recently, she’s been taken under the wing of the Duke of Camden and the Order of M.U.S.E., learning not only the fine art of becoming a lady, but how to use her extraordinary talent to help others.

But Meg’s gift is a beacon to unsavory characters who would possess her.

Charged with her protection, Lord Badewyn knows—too well—that his wild, Welsh castle is no safe haven for this lovely, all-too-desirable creature. Part human, part fallen angel, he is one of the Nephilim. He is a recluse sworn never to love. As the dangers to Meg grow more threatening, he cannot help but find himself tempted beyond all reason…and tested to see if he has both a heart and a soul.


How have I not known about this series??  Paranormal and historical romance together in a spicy, spooky story?  This is the third book in the series about extraordinary humans who have banded together to protect the British royals against evil.

This story doesn’t have much to do with any nefarious plot against Prinny and the gang, but is rather a love story between Meg and Samuel.  Meg is a finder, someone who is able to locate missing people or objects.  She must leave her human form to do this and risks death every time.  She is still learning about her abilities and using them for good rather than illegal activities her family forced of her in the past.  When a threat from the past forces the Duke to protect her, he sends her to Lord Badewyn in the wilds of Wales.

From the start there is a deep attraction between the two.  Samuel is a complicated character.  Almost a recluse from the world, he lives with a death sentence over his head.  His power lies in his ability to Scribe – see the past, present and future in reflections.  His father, a fallen angel, wields a power over him that is almost unstoppable.  He finds refuge in Meg.  He likes that she is open and honest and has a natural curiosity for life.

The two are on the run for their lives.  I have said it repeatedly, but I love when stories take to the road and the small inns in the countryside.  It’s a great way for the characters to spend time alone together and to take things to the next level.  While these two definitely have attraction and lust in spades, it is the emotional intimacy that blossoms while hiding.

The plot was so unique and interesting.  I loved how the member of M.U.S.E. all have different talents and how they use them.  There is a lot of plot regarding the other characters in the Order, which would be a great addition for people who are looking for a catch up from the previous books.  It is always a fascinating read when there is a paranormal element added to the Regency era.  Drawing rooms and castles take on a different hue when there is magic being woven about.

If you are interested in a well developed story that has some great characters, then check out this book!  I found it to be highly entertaining and fascinating to read a story that takes what we know of the era and infuses it with a fresh perspective!



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