One Rogue At A Time

One Rogue At A Time by Jade Lee

one rogue at a time


A brown-eyed bastard with nothing to lose

As the illegitimate son of a duke, Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby grew up tough, on the fringes of society, learning to hide his hurt and cynicism with charm and Town polish. He’s carved out a place for himself as a mercenary, serving as bodyguard and general strong arm for the peerage. Bram has nothing to lose… and he’s exactly what Maybelle “Bluebell” Ballenger needs.

Meets his match in a blue-eyed beauty with everything to hide

Maybelle needs a mentor to teach her to speak and act like a lady, so she can claim the place in society she was denied. As they team up to take on the ton, Bram knows she’s hiding something even from him. Despite the deception he sees behind those sparkling blue eyes, Bram wants to believe that Maybelle’s love is no lie. But it seems fate has served him up his just desserts in the likes of this determined damsel.

I love books that make me laugh!  This book had great moments of hilarity including scenes with a pig.  Maybelle and Bram get into the craziest scrapes together and they are well worth reading!

Bram is a hired bodyguard for the ridiculous Dickey and his lady.  He meets Maybelle when he is stranded in Hull on his way to Scotland.  The first third of the book takes place in the teeny tiny village and we get to know a cast of colourful characters.  At first I was impatient for the book to move along, but the author takes her time to set the stage and allow us to really get to know the characters.

Maybelle and Bram have a lot in common – she has been presumed a bastard and he is the natural son of a Duke.  Maybelle is on a mission to prove that she is a lady.  Her speech requires some work – especially since she can’t stop dropping her ‘h’s’.  She is conniving and shrewd and makes Bram pay through the teeth for essentially the air he is breathing.

Bram lives on the fringes of the ton.  He has a job to do, but nothing is going well for him.  Stuck in the country, his job is a disaster and he has an intrepid young miss fleecing him left and right.  London doesn’t make anything easier for the two.  The author really delves into the class divide.  Maybelle may be a provincial, but she is accepted, but Bram will always be a bastard and not even accepted by his family.  I found this conflict to be very realistic and well executed.  It brought a lot of complication to the relationship between Maybelle and Bram – can they continue as they have been or have things changed too much?  Great questions to have your readers wondering about while reading.

Things are hot and heavy between the two and the author doesn’t shy away from getting these two into bed together.  Once again, it made me question if lust and love are enough to conquer the expectations of society.

Another solid effort by Jade Lee!


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