Persuasion (A Sons of Odin MC novel) by Violetta Rand


Overview by Amazon:

Lang Anderson may be the new leader of the Sons of Odin motorcycle club, but his personal life is in shreds. He’s struggling to take care of his three young sisters in the wake of tragedy, while rumors of drug dealing within his ranks jeopardize everything he’s built. The last thing he needs is another distraction—like a bar brawl over a woman—but Lang is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And this one gets him roaring like a finely tuned engine.
High school guidance counselor Lily Gallo is no fender bunny. So why can’t she get Lang off her mind? Lily’s head says the rugged, rough-and-tumble biker who came to her aid is bad news. Her body begs to differ. But when Lang’s troubled kid sister walks into her office, Lily’s determined to help, even if it puts her in the crossfire of a gang war. On a crash course with danger and desire, Lily partners up with Lang to fight for his family—and for love.

This was a great book!  If you loved the tv show Sons of Anarchy, then this will be a hit for you!  The author has definitely got a strong understanding of motorcycle clubs and the inner workings.  Even if you have never read a book about a MC or watched a tv show, she explains enough about the lingo and culture.

Lily was a great character.  Looking for a fresh start, she has moved to Texas.  Her parents are going through a bad breakup and it has profoundly affected her.  This part of the book really resonated with me – to the point that it was almost painful to read.  I went through a similar thing in my life and I truly understood her pain of watching the breakdown of her family and the selfishness of her father.  Lily is a high school counsellor and she has a way with kids.

On a wild night out she meets Lang when he rescues her from some unwanted attention.  Lang is definitely an alpha male.  He is not normally interested in innocent and sweet girls like Lily, but something about her draws him in.  With his MC in disarray, the last thing he really needs is a complication like Lily, but he can’t help himself.

The passion between the two is seriously hot.  The author shares insights into what they want to do with each other and it’s explicit, but hot.  Lang has a strong feeling of possession towards Lily and that stems from the culture of the motorcycle community he lives in.  Men claim their women, so if you like that sort of relationship, then you will enjoy this!

The sex between the two is frequent and fantastic.  They are a great couple.  Lily brings a softness to Lang’s life and she understands and accepts who he is.  It takes her modern feminism a while to reconcile with being his ‘old lady’, but being with Lang is what she ultimately wants.

A motorcycle club lives outside the law.  The business of being a biker and running guns was very similar to Sons of Anarchy, so it wasn’t hard to imagine the competition and the different factions and politics.  This plot is interspersed between the development of the relationship of Lang and Lily.

A great book for fans of bikers and those that like sexy alpha males!


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