Outlander Recap – The Gathering

Outlander Season One, Episode Four
The Gathering

Claire is anxious to use the gathering as an opportunity to get away. I feel for her – it has to be so tough to be trapped in another time and wondering what is happening in the present. However I have to say that she has done a remarkable job adapting to the time she is in.

The episode opens with Claire playing a childish game with the children of Castle Leoch. WHile it may be for fun, she is reconnoitre the lands to find her way out of MacKenzie lands. Smart lass! Once again Angus brings a sense of levity to the show! God love him!
outlander ep4

Poor Angus and Rupert. I actually feel back for them because they are chafing at playing guard to Claire. I love how manipulative she is when she plays on Angus and Rupert’s manly pride. Angus’ excitement at the port that Claire provides is once again a reason why I enjoy him so much! When he gurgles the port, I almost choked!
outlander ep4.3

This episode is full of hope and defeat. It is a theme that is so elegantly woven through the events.

Geillis is back with her witchy ways. She questions Claire in the most intrusive ways. Her implication that Claire is with child because she has extra food in her surgery, goes deeper than her innocent words. Geillis has the most unsual ways of asking questions. It makes you think that she knows much more than she lets on. While she extends friendship to Claire, she seems a dangerous sort of woman. Her words have a tendency to be prophetic. The costume designers have done an amazing job with Geillis’ wardrobe. She always looks amazing and her hair styles are out of sight!

Claire’s plan to get away seems sound. It appears that she has thought of everything – direction, food, horse, protection. But her chance to get away is not to be. You don’t have to watch the whole episode to know that her plan fails.

The ceremony is beautiful. An ancient custom that has a lot of power. Colum may be physically weak, but he is a strong orator and leader. The passion in his voice is rousing. Watching the men swear their fealty was really impressive. It reminds the viewer that this is a time when clan was everything. Scots have a long and troubled history and this episode just reminds the viewer that without the protection of a clan, life would be barely liveable. I do have to say that Douglass cuts a fine figure giving his oath. He is a handsome man, too bad his intentions are not always so noble as his face.
outlander ep4.2

Of course we wouldn’t be able to get through this episode without a scene with Laoghaire. She asks for a potion for love to use on Jamie. Claire feels compassion for Laoghaire, but doesn’t know that she is just enticing the evil little termagant. I had to laugh that she gave dried horse dung to Laoghaire. The reference to the Wizard of Oz was very charming.

It feels like a donkeys age since we saw Jamie. Where is our flame haired Scot? Claire heads to the stable to get away, but gets into some trouble. She is saved by Dougall, who then puts his own moves on her. I love that she whacks him on the head with a stool! You go girl! Finally she comes across Jamie and he foils her plans to get away. I loved how gently he mocked her plans. Jamie’s good intentions end up causing him a lot of problems. He was intentionally staying away from the oath taking because he is in a precarious situation. His return with Claire has forced the issue. I thought it was great how Jamie handled the situation. It is so tense! I know in the books he is written as a young man, but he has a maturity about him. Especially when he changes his shirt – he is definitely all man then. Je suis prest….
outlander ep4.1

Seeing a hunt is very different than reading about it in a book. Claire must join as the healer although she is not impressed with the diversion. While there is a lot of pomp and circumstance, there are no grocery stores in this time. Hunting fills the larders and is a necessity. Still watching the man die in Claire and Dougall’s arms was really sad. It seems to bring Claire up in his esteem. It’s just a reminder of how life and death are so closely tied.

What a great way to end an episode! An awesome game of field hockey! Love the braw lads chasing each other. So violent and so good! Jamie and Dougall take the opportunity to work out some aggression. Great eye candy for us!

Next week we get to go on a road trip! Whoo hoo!


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