Outlander Recap – The Wedding

Outlander Season One, Episode Seven
The Wedding

Oh how we have needed an episode just like this! With Jamie and Claire front and centre. Finally they are to be together and that means lots and lots of scenes with them!

This episode is what all Outlander fans have been waiting and dying for! I was so perfectly done! Told partly through flashbacks we learn about the events that lead up to the wedding and then we see the newlyweds alone.

Let’s recap the events leading up to the wedding first – anticipation is everything! Jamie has some stipulations for marrying Claire. He wants it done in a church, no handfasting for this man. Second, he wants Claire to have a beautiful gown to be married in and Ned Gowan is in charge of this task. It was hilarious to see him in a whorehouse, but the gown he procures is absolutely stunning. The costume department outdid themselves with it!
outlander wedding10

Finally, Jamie requires a ring for Claire. We see Angus and Rupert visit the blacksmith to get a key turned into a ring. We find out later that it is the key to Lallybroch – Jamie’s home. It is so sentimental.
outlander wedding6

Claire spent the day drunk and remembering her wedding to Frank. She struggles to remember her previous life and the things she cherished. Her simple words are so beautiful as she contemplates her future. She is technically a bigamist and yet she can’t regret marrying Jamie, even though she really has no choice.
outlander wedding2

The ceremony was so stunning. Once again, the setting is spectacular. Who wouldn’t want to be married in a gorgeous church with candles glowing. Claire’s apprehension at the entry of the church was understandable and Jamie is so gallant in his efforts to make her feel at ease. We find out that Claire is to become a Fraser.
outlander wedding9

Outlander 2014
Outlander 2014

Once the honeymoon begins, we see Claire drinking a lot. This is the first time we see Jamie and Claire in an intimate setting. They are both so nervous and I loved that they took their time to get to know one another before doing the deed. Jamie regales Claire with stories of his youth, with the natural charm of a Scottish storyteller.
outlander wedding3

Consummation of the marriage must happen in order to keep Claire safe. The first time is not unsuccessful, but not the gentle wooing Claire must have hoped for! Thankfully, there is plenty of time for the two to get to know each other carnally. There have been many interviews with the actors, writers and directors about these scenes and how they worked not to be gratitious for the sheer sake of nudity, but show realistically what happened.
outlander wedding7

We see a lot of both Claire and Jamie. They both bare their beautiful bodies for each other. Claire takes great pleasure in seeing Jamie and he comments that he has never had a woman who is his own. Claire takes the reins and teaches Jamie how to make love. The scenes and the lighting is so amazing. The two actors must have really great chemistry so they could make the wedding night and the love scenes so passionate and believable. Although it would be no hardship to roll around on a bed with Sam Heughan all day long.
outlander wedding5

outlander wedding1
The simple words, the caresses, the smiles they share make the time together so special. They really are building a life together in these moments. Even with all the heavy passion in the air, there are still moments of comedy, especially when Jamie comments that he is not a monk and when he thinks he was supposed to do it from behind like horses do. To be honest, I found this episode and these scenes more sensual and erotic than the whole Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
outlander wedding8

What an amazing episode and it cements these two for the troubles that lay ahead.


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