Snowed by Veronica Forand


Overview by Publisher:

Don’t fall in love with the man sent to kill you… 
Lorena Rubio lived a safe, simple life until she’s kidnapped by Andres “Con” Conesa, right hand man for the drug lord who murdered her sister. Con must keep her at a cabin in the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains until his boss can confirm or deny the rumor that she’d provided specifics about his drug cartel to the police. Their attraction ignites in the middle of this winter wonderland, but he’s in deep cover for the FBI and has to remain there, and she refuses to attach herself to someone in the criminal world. When the boss arrives a few days and wants Lorena put on ice, Con’s willing to blow his cover to save the woman he craves beyond reason, but he may be too late.

This book is a novella length, but man, can the author pack a lot into it!  This was a great story about the dangerous relationship between Con and Lorena.  Con is the second in command to a dangerous drug lord.  Lorena has crossed the line and now she needs to be taken out of action.  Con is sent to take her away until he receives further instructions.

I really love books where the couple is tucked away with each other.  It forces intimacy and it makes the couple face the reality of what they want from each other.  The formula doesn’t let the reader down with this story! The cozy, snowed in cabin is a haven for Con and Lorena, who both have ghosts chasing them.

I loved the sexy banter between the two and Con was just awesome.  The tough guy exterior fell away with Lorena.  It just sends thrills down my spine when a guy is a great kisser.  Con was the kind of guy who is a face toucher while smooching – sigh!!  He also has some great moves, which unfortunately were not recounted in too many details!!

While the two were tucked away, the world was still spinning.  I really liked how the plot unfolded.  The elements of danger and intrigue developed with great intensity and there were quite a few twists and turns.  It’s not a long book, but a great read for a winter evening!


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