Kidnapped by the Billionaire

Kidnapped by the Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden

kidnapped by the billionaire

Overview by Publisher:

A priceless plan. An illicit attraction.
Seven years ago, billionaire-turned-bodyguard Elijah Hunt lost everything he had—his family, his future—and now he wants revenge. But when he decides to kidnap the daughter of the man who ruined his life, Elijah gets a lot more than he bargained for. Violet Fitzgerald is nothing like her corrupt wealthy father. In fact, she’s so disarmingly independent—and irresistible—that she just might be dangerous…

And a love that’s too good to be true.
Violet never thought she’d feel a connection to her captor. But there’s something beneath Elijah’s steel-bodied exterior that makes her want to know him more deeply…and surrender to his every demand. But once Elijah’s erotic fantasies become a reality—and he and Violet develop a real romantic connection—he finds himself in a quandary: Is he still the one in control? Or has Violet imprisoned him—body and soul?

I have read one of the books in this series of bad boy billionaires, but this book was so great, it makes me want to go back and read all of them!

The story opens with Violet being kidnapped.  I wasn’t sure how I would like this character.  She is so different than most romance leads.  Hippie chick with patchouli perfume, and fake dreadlocks – not the usual suspect.  But it is all an act.  Violet is the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful businessman.  It’s not until his death and her subsequent kidnapping that she finds out how depraved her father was.  She was right to follow her intuition and cover her actions and intelligence.

She has been kidnapped by her father’s number one henchman, Elijah.  The author describes him as so cold and unmovable.  It was hard to see how he would bend enough for a romance to develop.  The plot was easy to follow – Violet is Elijah’s back up plan for revenge as his plans to murder her father were thwarted in the previous book.

Violet figures she must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  Why else would she start to desire the very man who kidnapped her?  Why else would she taunt and tease him?  Look for signs that he wanted her or had a weakness for her?  Elijah claims that he is emotionally dead, but Violet is slowly bringing to the surface emotions that have long since died.

The struggle between the two for power, survival and information gets tangled up with sex.  Very hot and steamy sex, mind you.  The lines blur for these two and the kidnapped becomes the accomplice.  There are a lot of people who want to find Elijah and those who want to take over the evil empire Violet’s father left behind.

I had an inkling of who the mysterious criminal was that Elijah was negotiating with.  I found the plot to be really interesting and it moved quickly.  The appearance of previous ‘billionaire’ characters was important to the development of the plot and Elijah and Violet.

The relationship between the two was the heart of the story.  Betrayal, anger, revenge, lust, and trust are all accurate in describing the emotions and feelings the story projects.  The author kept me guessing what would happen next and it was hard to predict at times which way the winds were blowing.  I like that in a book, that it keeps me guessing and hypothesizing while I am reading.  In a romance novel, it is a given that the characters will end up together, but in this book, the journey is electric and exciting.


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