At the Edge

At the Edge by Laura Griffin

at the edge

Overview by Publisher:

When Emma Wright’s government plane goes down over the Philippine jungle, she’s forced to survive alone until an ultra-elite SEAL team goes in after her. As the leader of Alpha Crew, Ryan Owen is no stranger to challenges, but he’s never tackled anything quite like this sexy, smart, and resourceful woman. The mission is to get Emma home safely, but danger is everywhere, and Ryan’s unexpected desire for Emma could be a deadly distraction.

Back home in California, Ryan’s mission is over—but Emma’s has just begun. She knows her plane crash was no accident, and she’s determined to uncover the truth about what happened—even if her quest for answers puts her at risk. Torn between duty and desire, Ryan searches for a way win Emma’s heart while protecting her from an invisible enemy who wants her dead.

For someone who reads constantly, sometimes I can miss things.  I clearly didn’t read that this was the first part of a series, so I was so upset when I realized I would have to wait for the conclusion of the story!  But, wait, that is actually a really good thing if you are reading this review.  It means that the book is great if I wanted to keep reading.

I liked Emma and her fortitude in a terrifying situation. She has crash landed in the Philippines and Ryan is one of the Navy SEALs who rescues her.  I adored how he took care of her in the dense, stifling jungle.  He was my hero and I wasn’t the one being rescued!  It’s only natural to feel an attachment to the man who took care of you when life was at it’s most complicated and dangerous.  Ryan was so calm and steady that he made me feel like it would all be ok.

Emma gets home safely, but she can’t let it go.  What happened in the jungle haunts her.  It wasn’t just her need to see Ryan, but the actual events.  The plane crash was not an accident.  Ryan knows this as well, but he wishes Emma would just let it go, even though he is happy to see her alive and well.

I love military movies and if I had more time on my reading list, I’d be happy to add that genre into the mix.  But my first love is romance, so to have it with a theme of military action and men, it’s just icing on the cake.

This book is really well developed.  I got sucked into the plot and the frustrations Emma faces trying to get to the bottom of a well concealed conspiracy.  The attraction and connection that Emma and Ryan had in the jungle was not imagined.  I always wonder if it is the adrenaline and shock of the situation that makes survivors attach themselves to the men who rescue them.   Ryan and Emma did not misread the attraction and interest they had in each other.  As the reader, I was so relieved and that showed me how invested I was in their reunion.

I can’t wait to see how this series ends!  The first book ends on a cliffhanger and I was gritting my teeth as I realized that I had to wait to read the next book!  Check back here for the conclusion once I get my hot hands on it!


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