Top Ten Tuesday – Series I LOVE

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  Each week features a different topic that can be applied to whatever genre of books you like to read.  This week the theme is “ten books I really love but feel like I haven’t talked about enough/in a while”.

This is so easy…and yet so hard!  There are SO many books that I love that I can gush about them all day, however, it makes it hard to just pick 10!  So I’m going to cover series that I love so that there is more than just one book for you to enjoy!

I have been really in love with Sawyer Bennett lately.  I have read her Wicked Horse erotica series, ALL of the Cold Fury novels (read my review of Hawke and Ryker), Sugar Daddy and ALL of the Last Call series.  I haven’t posted reviews on the Last Call books, as I just blasted through hawkethem this weekend, but man, they were great!  I think what I like the most about her books is that she writes amazing male characters.  They are strong and sexy, but flawed.  This author writes about the kind of sex that I wish I was having.  I highly recommend the Cold Fury novels and the Last Call series!





Outlander is about to come back to our televisions – thank god!  There is a new series out hot for the scotby Janice Maynard about three young ladies that travel to Scotland to spend the summer.  They are inspired by the Outlander series and all secretly hope to find their own Jamie.  The first book in the series is Hot for the Scot and it was so charming and lovely!  I loved the characters and it was the kind of adventure I would love to experience.  I found this book a great way to spend the time waiting for Jamie and Claire to come back.  The second book in the series, Scot of my Dreams, is about to publish, so there is more Hot Scots to go!




I started this blog because I was deeply, deeply in love with Monica McCarty’s Highland the ghostGuard series and I was desperate to get my hands on an ARC copy of the Arrow.  This is the best series I have ever read – heck, all of her books are!  To say I am a super fan would be accurate.  I can’t recommend these books enough.  Fantastic history, amazing characters and spell binding bedroom scenes.  You can’t go wrong with this series.  When I find a new series, I actually like it when I am late to the party.  You know?  It kind of sucks to have to wait months for the next book to come out.  Well, fear not with this series!  The final full length novel, The Ghost comes out in May and a novella in June.  So you have TONS of books to read.  If you are a fan of Outlander, Navy SEALs  and hot men, then these are books you need to check out!



Another series that I am totally gaga for is the Inevitable Series by Janet Nissenson.  I find splendorher work to be similar to Samantha Young.  Her stories feature amazing and captivating characters with plotlines that you just can’t imagine.  Not in a crazy way, but just realistic and engaging.  Janet creates sizzling chemistry between her leads and the emotions of the stories just pull you in as the reader.  I have read all the books in the series and I can honestly say they have made my top ten list.  She capably does what ever author hopes to accomplish – write love stories that make you desperate to keep reading.  I have become devoted to her work and keep offering my services as a beta reader because I am so excited for what comes next!  Serendipity, Splendor, Shattered and Sensational.



Georgia Cates came to my attention through the Sin Series, a great series featuring the beauty bundleScottish mafia.  I took a further look at what she has written and came across the Beauty Trilogy.  This series was even better than the Sin Series.  I loved the characters, the drama, the turmoil, the sex and the happily ever after!  It’s hard to describe what sucked me into a story with a playboy millionaire having a no-strings attached affair with a young college student, but while it may sound like Fifty Shades or Crossfire, this series is actually even better than them.  I loved how the books made me feel.  I think that is when you know that you are reading a great book.  I felt so involved and engaged in what was happening to the characters.  I felt every emotion, I longed for their kisses and their troubles became mine.  Even if you don’t read a lot of contemporary romance, this is one series you should check out!


once a wallflower, at last his loveOne author that I follow on Facebook is Christi Caldwell.  I really enjoy her books!  What fascinates me about Christi is her writing process.  Christi writes every single day.  When not taking care of her toddler twins, her school aged boy, and a family home.  She is so devoted to the process and in turn has amassed a large book list.  Her characters ‘her muses’ speak to her and each one has a story that begs to be told.  She is so versatile that one book features a spinster, the next a bluestocking and a shy, young thing.  Christi crafts great historical romance stories that make it exciting to read!


Vonnie Davis has written one of the best series I have read, Highlander’s Beloved!  It bearing it allfeatures a clan in the modern day Highlands who happen to be shifter-bears.  While I am not big on science fiction romance, this series is one that just sucks you in!  I think it is because it’s what I imagine the Scottish Highlands to be like today.  Hot men who are strong, brawny, smart and sexy as hell.  It doesn’t hurt that the secondary characters are just fantastic and I have really enjoyed the love stories she has told!  This series is like a blend of historical and contemporary romance!





must love chainmailAnother series that I have really enjoyed is Must Love Chainmail and Must Love Breeches by Anglea Quarles.  I feel like I haven’t raved enough about these books lately!  I want everyone to check out these books because they are just SO great!  In Must Love Breeches, a young lady time travels to Regency England and it’s just so much fun to see it through her perspective!  I love time travel books!  In Must Love Chainmail the heroine ends up in Medieval times and it’s just so exciting it gave me heart palpitations!  Angela is hard at work on her next book, Must Love Kilts.  I’m sure you don’t need me to explain why I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on it!  You really can’t go wrong with these amazing time travel books!




One of my all time favourite series is the Sam Jellicoe books by Suzanne Enoch!  I knowbillionaires prefer blondes that people love them too, because they are a topic I have written about in the past that keeps getting looked at.  Sam Jellicoe is a reformed cat burgler and the original sassy heroine!  In fact, when I read about a snarky, cheeky heroine, I immediately compare her to Sam.  Sam has a rich boyfriend, Rick.  Together they are just all sorts of hot!  This series has fantastic sexual chemistry as well as moments of hilarity and plots that would make anyone laugh! It’s really hard to take life too seriously when reading about Sam.  I highly recommend this series.  If we all read the books, then maybe Suzanne’s publisher will contract her to write another one!


it happened one autumnThis should come as no surprise, but a great series that has the hearts of readers across the world is Lisa Kleypas’ The Wallflowers.  Each book takes place in a different season of the year.  My personal favourite is It Happened One Autumn.  I loved Lillian and Marcus!   I know that Sebastian’s deliverance is very popular, but there is just something so great about how Lillian tweaks Marcus’ nose.  Plus, who can possibly forget what happened in his library?!  This series is kind of a standard.  So if you are just getting into historical romance, this is a fantastic way to get going!



9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Series I LOVE”

  1. OMG, the Wallflowers! I read that series only recently. Loved it! I will add some of your others. I would like to recommend the Marie Harte McCauley Brothers series and the Finding Fate series by Chelsea Fine (new adult). Also, Laura Florand’s Amour et Chocolat and Le Vie en Roses series.

  2. I LOVE The Wallflowers series and Christi Caldwell is a favourite author. I’m way behind reading her books though because I just can’t keep up with her output.

      1. I have read Cold-Hearted Rake, the first book in Lisa Kleypas’s new historical series but the romance seemed lacking somehow. I’m hoping the second book, Marrying Winterborne, will have some of that old Kleypas magic.

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