The Billionaire’s Intern

The Billionaire’s Intern by Crystal Kaswell

billionaires intern

Overview by Publisher:

She needs this opportunity. He needs her tied to his bed and screaming his name.

Lizzy Wilder is desperate to stay in New York City with her sister Kat, the one person she trusts. Lizzy’s only hope is a programming internship at hot tech startup Odyssey. But there’s a problem: the company’s CEO is enigmatic billionaire Nick Marlowe–the impossibly sexy one night stand she never expected to see again.

Nick wants to pretend their encounter never happened, but Lizzy can’t forget it… and soon it’s clear that the in-control billionaire wants her too. They begin a secret affair, but it comes at a price: Lizzy’s total submission.

What’s scary is how much she wants to surrender to him.

When Nick’s past comes back to haunt him, threatening everything he’s built, Lizzy faces an agonizing choice. Can she give up the man who’s stolen her heart? And if she does, can he forgive her?

I haven’t read the story that precedes this one The Billionaire’s Deal, but it doesn’t matter as the story can be read on it’s own.  While this is a good book, it requires a healthy dose of suspending belief.

Nick as in Phoenix is a wealthy entrepreneur who runs a tech company in New York.  Lizzy is looking for an internship, even though most tech is in California as is her school.  Lizzy and Nick quickly realize that they know each other.  They had a one night stand a couple of months ago.

Nick gives Lizzy the internship, but from then on it’s Lizzy chasing Nick to sleep with her again.  I found her amusing and interesting, but at times she could be ragingly annoying.  The author never paints her as desperate, but the lengths she goes to secure Nick in her bed were at times startling.

Through the course of the novel, we get to know the characters and the challenges they face in life.  Lizzy has attachment and loss issues and Nick has been violated and abused.  The push and pull between them was interesting as they fight the attraction they feel based on their pasts.

The sex between the two is hot and kinky.  Nick likes to be in control and they both like to get it on outside of the bedroom.  Nick is into control because of his past and we see Lizzy help him to break down some of the barriers.

The book is well developed and the plot line is an intriguing look into the artificial intelligence world.  I liked the injection of Lizzy’s sister and future brother-in-law as they brought some perspective to the storyline and Lizzy’s actions.

I enjoyed Nick more than Lizzy.  Lizzy was charming and unique, but she felt draining after a while.  I would love to say that her pushiness and demanding nature were strong female traits, but the spontaneity she demonstrated seemed more impulsive and bratty.  I make it sound as if I didn’t enjoy her – I did, but I personally found it hard to relate to her actions.

This book has an interesting plot and really hot sex.  If you are into two damaged characters who find each other and help the other heal through great sex, then check out this one!


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