Remembering You

Remembering You by Audra North

remembering you

Overview by Publisher:

He’s in hot pursuit…and she’s determined not to become a casualty of love.

A Pushing the Boundaries Prequel

SWAT officer Ben Crewes has never forgotten the mystery woman whose voice comforted him in the night after he was shot in the line of duty. A voice he never managed to connect with a face. Years later, a chance encounter with reporter Nina Lang feels strangely familiar, and although he regards bloodsucking newshounds with the same contempt as perps, he feels something he hasn’t felt since that sexy voice soothed him in the darkness.

Long ago, Nina learned the risks involved with men in dangerous professions. But by the time she realizes he belongs to the voice from that long-ago night, the connection sizzling between them is too hot to stamp out without leaving a mark on her soul. The smart move would be to walk away. Before she gives in to the kind of heat that forges futures—the kind that could simply end in another painful memory.

Warning: An officer who’s cool under pressure, a woman who blows that cool all to hell, and a fender bender that leads to an exchange of more than just insurance cards.

This is a sweet story.  It’s not a long book, about the length of a novella and a quick read.  I liked the relationship between Nina and Ben.  It starts years before when they are both in the hospital and sharing a special moment between a closed curtain.  They never forget each other – but don’t know the identity of the stranger on the other side.

This book really explores the themes of regret, fear and hope very well for such a short book.  Nina is afraid to open herself up to a man who may lose his life due to his work.  She struggles with her family history and dealing with her father.  Ben is looking to settle down.  He wants family and love and his frustration is realistic and understandable.

I liked the romance between the two.  It was sweet and sexy.   What starts in a hospital room to a roadside collision and continues with rocking her SUV, is a lovely short story that leaves the reader very satisfied.


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