Scot of My Dreams

Scot of my Dreams by Janice Maynard

Scot of my dreams

Overview by Publisher:

In USA Today bestselling author Janice Maynard’s sweet and sexy new series, three childhood friends with a shared passion for the Outlander novels and TV show decide to travel to Scotland looking for adventure—and their very own Highland heroes…

Willow Ryman is as crazy about Scotland as her friends, but she’s on a tighter budget. So during their visit, she opts to stay at a shabby local hostel instead of a cozy B&B. When the owners abruptly decide to shut down for renovations, Willow is left out in the cold—until while exploring the countryside, Willow meets a handsome, friendly, kilt-clad fisherman. The Scotsman is everything she’s dreamed about. But he’s a blueblood, and she’s blue collar…

Bryce McBrae’s lineage as Laird McBrae has always been more of a burden than a blessing. Rarely does it spark such stimulating conversation as he enjoys with the pretty, refreshing American. Wanting more and unwilling to let Willow slip away, he invites her to stay at his castle. But as the two fall hard and fast for each other, they’ll have to decide whether this is just a vacation fling—or a sexy Cinderella story come true…

I am SO in love with this series!  It’s amazing!  Three friends ditch everything and head to Scotland for a month.  Looking to find adventure and maybe their own Jamie Fraser, it’s the kind of trip that I would give my right arm to attend.

In the first book, we followed Hayley in Hot for the Scot, which was unique and of so engaging.  I loved it!  So when I saw this book pop up on Netgalley, I knew that I had to grab it!  This one features Willow and her handsome Laird.

What works well about this series is that each of the ladies are very different.  Each book has it’s own flavour and context thanks to the baggage they bring from the past.  Willow is reluctant to leave her hair salon for the enture month, but she realizes that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity – head to a new country, explore, immerse and stay of the electronics.  Willow and her friends have split up, she stays in Inverness, where Claire from Outlander started her journey.

What works so well about these books is that it’s basically a fantasy or that daydream you have during a boring meeting.  What would happen if I took off to Scotland?  What would my adventure be?  Would I meet my Jamie Fraser?  The stories themselves are like love letters to the people and beauty of the land.  Travelling through the eyes of Willow and Hailey makes me feel that I have actually been there, that I have felt the standing stones and tasted the fresh sea air.  I love that about a book – that it can transport you to a place you haven’t been and make you feel as though you’ve had the experience.

Willow unexpectedly meets a handsome man wearing a kilt.  Like, swoon!  This is the stuff of major fantasies and it gets better!  He is the Laird of a castle!  While he may not be Jamie Fraser, Bryce McBrae is definitely a hot Scot.  There is an instant connection between the two.  Willow is more cautious about getting into a holiday fling than her friends, but she can’t resist Bryce.

A series of events force Willow to stay at the castle with Bryce and his family.  I liked this forced intimacy.  Willow was skittish – she’d bolt if given the chance.  What happens is amazing chemistry that is explored in lush and heady moments.  Yup, Bryce is a stud in bed.  Lucky Willow.

The story forces the characters to really examine what can happen with a vacation fling – can it become more?  Can it be real?  If you have ever had a holiday romance, this has likely occurred to you.  The excitement of the sex, the attention, the time away from worries and bills…it’s idyllic.  Willow’s time in Scotland is magical, but just when it seems things are going in the right direction, things get in the way.

Part of this book that I found challenging was Willow’s nature to run.  I believe the author wanted you to be frustrated with her.  But it made it so much more believable than just a straightforward fairy tale.  I highly, highly recommend this series!


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