Outlander Recap: Through a glass, darkly

Outlander Season Two

Through a Glass, Darkly

outlander season 2 cast

The new season of Outlander is here!  Thank god!  Droughtlander was beginning to wear on me!

The episode opens with Claire at the standing stones of Craig na Dune screaming.  It becomes clear that Claire is back in the 40s.  This leaves so many questions – what happened?  Where is Jamie?  OMG!

Claire tries to settle into her life, residing with the Reverend and his wife and of course her husband Frank.  A week passes and she finally is able to talk with him, but after she has told Mrs. Wakefield everything.  I love how the show uses symbolism to share glimpses of what would happen later – young Roger is seen sleeping with an airplane.

The talk between Claire and Frank is tough to watch.  It must have been so hard for Claire to look at him and not see Black Jack.  Frank is more magnanimous that I would be, as he offers to not force her to tell him where she has been.  Claire is determined to share her story with him.  They talk all night long.  It requires a leap of faith from Frank to believe, but he is prepared to make it for her.  Their conversation leaves me conflicted.  Frank really loves her and I was pulling for him – shocking I know!  Even when Claire tells him repeatedly that she was married to Jamie and loved him deeply, Frank doesn’t chose to turn her away.  This scene just demonstrates why Outlander is so amazing.

Big news!  Claire is pregnant.  But not with Frank’s baby – it’s Jamie’s.  If you have read the books, you know what happens, but it is so different seeing it on the screen.  You can feel Frank’s anger and despair leaching off the screen.  To get your wife back, but pregnant with another man’s child.  I’m so glad the writers showed the depths of his anguish.

“The echo of the memory they can never catch” Such strong words from Frank as he promises to be the baby’s sole father.  The child can’t know about Jamie and if Claire is to stay with Frank, she must stop searching the history books for Jamie’s actions.  WHY is Frank such a good guy?  It made it so hard to dislike the future that Claire was embarking upon!  He is taking Claire back, raising the baby as his own and taking her to Boston to avoid the press and intrusion as she acclimates back to the 20th century.  It seemed so final watching Frank burn her clothes.

outlander s2 ep1.2

And then we are back with Jamie.  Thank GOD!!  He looks so handsome and they talk about journeying to Boston.  They arrive in Le Harve and settle into some rooms.  Jamie is uneasy – sea sick and traumatized by the actions of Black Jack.

Claire pushes Jamie to stop the Jacobite revolt, but Jamie would rather find a way to win.  Claire gives him the date of the battle of Culloden and how devastating it is.  Claire is determined to stop Bonny Prince Charles from sailing to Scotland.  The subterfuge she plots is drastic and dangerous.  But the lively music and Claire’s passion makes it clear that Jamie will go along with her. He thinks it’s a dishonourable path, lying to everyone, but Claire pushes him to see that the greater good of Scotland is at stake.

Murtagh is always so great.  He is like Jamie’s conscience.  He takes Claire to task for hiding the reasons for their actions from him.  It’s hard to pay attention to what Jamie is saying, because he looks so damn hot.  His hair is longer and he’s not wearing his kilt, but pants look great.

We meet Jarod, his wine merchant cousin, who is a devoted Jacobite.  Jarod questions his motivations for joining the cause.  Jarod explains that in France, it is a badge of honour to be a Jacobite.  He really puts Jamie to the test of why he has become a Jacobite.  Jamie shows him his back – for once showing the scars is Jamie’s choice.  Jarod apologizes for doubting Jamie.  He asks how Jamie wants to help.  Jamie wants to meet with the leaders and learn about the plans. Jarod questions how Jamie can help – he’s a wanted man and no money.  Jarod asks Jamie to run his wine business while he is away in the West Indies.  Jamie makes a deal for help and a cut of the profits.

The scenery of the docks in France are so amazing.  The authenticity of the port is outstanding.  Claire sees something that catches her eye.  A sick man at the docks who has smallpox.  They meet a powerful Comte who has a lot to lose by this event.  Of course, Claire fights for quarantine.  She has made a powerful enemy of the Comte.  Claire has such balls taking him on and tweaking his anger.

outlander s2 ep1.1

Claire is pregnant and just starting to have morning sickness.  Thankfully she has been vaccinated so she can’t catch many of the diseases swirling around France.  As Jamie tells her that life is never boring with her, she smiles and heads away while the Comte glares at them bathed in the glow of his burning ship.

This episode has left a lot of questions.  At the forefront is what happened to send Claire back to the future?  What happened in France?  The answers are coming….


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