Unbound – Colours of Love

Unbound – Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor

unbound colors of love

Overview by Publisher:

Grace is young and has led a sheltered life. She hasn’t yet taken much of an interest in men. It’s only while doing an internship in London, where she meets the alluring Jonathan Huntington, that our sleeping beauty is awoken from her slumber. Jonathan is rich, incredibly attractive, and stems from British royalty – but he is a far cry from Prince Charming. He lures Grace ever deeper into his world of sinister passion, and she is sucked further and further into the maelstrom of her own growing desires. But when Jonathan demands she do the unthinkable to prove her love for him, she realizes just how dangerous her feelings for him are.

I found this book on Netgalley.  It was published last year and had some positive reviews, so I thought I’d give it a try.  What intrigued me was that this book was written in German and translated.  I couldn’t really tell, except for a few phrases that seemed out of place in English vernacular.

Grace comes to London for a prestigious internship.  She makes the hugest fool out of herself when she arrives at the airport with the owner of the company.  It was one of those truly cringe worthy events in life where you wish you could just evaporate!  It set the story up well as I liked how the author had a sense of humour with her characters.

Jonathan takes a personal interest in Grace and it quickly escalates into a forbidden office romance.  There are definite shades of Fifty in this book.  Jonathan has deep sexual desires and he wants Grace to embrace his world.  His is an enigma to everyone around him, especially Grace.

His relationships with his mentor, sister and best friend help to define him more than the time he spends with Grace in some aspects.  Part of me wanted Grace to end it and live the single life in London, but another part really wanted her to explore the relationship with him.  It was a good push and pull for the reader.

The sex scenes are plentiful in the book.  Grace is a virgin and naïve to the ways of the men.  I found the descriptions of the sex scenes different.  ‘Pearl’ and ‘Mount of Venus’ were frequently used to describe sex.  While those terms were distracting, the scenes between Grace and Jonathan were hot and steamy.

I read the second book in the trilogy out of curiosity, but it was interesting to read the other reviews.  The feeling among other readers was that the third book was unnecessary.  I liked the first book and found it to be another Fifty themed story that was engaging.


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