Legal Affairs

I am posting to let you know about my love affair with Sawyer Bennett.  She has become one of my favourite authors.  I have written reviews about many of her books and series.  Recently, I finished Wicked Bond and there are some characters from a book I haven’t read that make an appearance.  Since the appearance is at a sex club, I figured this book would be full of hot, steamy sex and an amazing story.  I am so very glad that I meandered over to Amazon to check out Sawyer Bennett’s other series that I haven’t read yet.

My life for the past three days has revolved around Matthew Fucking Connover.  This is my attempt at an insider joke.  The lead character in the Legal Affairs book is off the charts amazing.  Everyone seems to think so and they like to refer to him with the ‘fucking’ in the middle of his name.

Legal Affairs.jpg

I feel strongly about these books.  Every once in a while you come across a book or series that takes you by surprise.  Sometimes it’s a new author or it’s finding a hidden treasure when reading through their back list.  I am ranking my experience with this series up there with finding Hero by Samantha Young and the Highland Guard by Monica McCarty.  If you read this blog, you know that I don’t shut up about those books, so you know how passionate I am about this.

This is what I find so difficult about writing a book blog!  How do I adequately express what I loved about these books?  How to I qualify the emotions I felt while reading?  How can I make another reader feel my enthusiasm and want to read them?

I’ll start with an overview.  McKayla (Mac) agrees to go on a one night stand.  It’s set up through an internet company called One Night Only.  She meets Matt and they share an exquisite night of incendiary passion.  That’s Saturday.  On Monday they find out that Mac is the newest associate at Matt’s law firm.  It becomes an intoxicating match between the two.  Mac and Matt can’t ignore the intense passion between them and they don’t.  While the sex is frequent and exhilarating, it’s the development of the relationship between the two that is so engaging.

Mac is funny.  Sawyer Bennett totally knows how to create a character that you like.  I adored her.  Matt can be a hard ass, but he is so deeply guarded and insistent on keeping his boundaries.  This is what sucked me in.  It reminded me a lot of the story Hero.

But here is the coolest thing!  Once I finished Legal Affairs and blasted through Macy and Cal’s story (more on that later), there is Confessions of a Litigation God.  It’s the story told from Matt’s perspective.  I know what you are thinking – the Twilight and Fifty Shades alternative perspectives were not great.  But I promise you that this is worth every penny and minute of your time.  There is nothing better when you finish a book that you adored and there is MORE to read – and it’s great!

Confessions of a litigation god

I think what kept me so engrossed was Matt.  He’s so difficult to understand and yet as each layer is peeled back, I wanted to keep going.  I wanted to know more and understand him.  I also wanted him to keep having as much sex as possible with Mac and to give her his heart.

Mac has a best friend, Macy.  She is straight up amazing.  She owns her promiscuity and is a frequent flyer with One Night Only.  She is mentioned in the book often and with hilarious results.  She is the kind of woman that you want to be friend with.  Cal is a friend to Mac and Matt’s former best friend.  He is used in the first book, Legal Affairs as a protagonist.  He definitely helps move things along between Matt and Mac.  It seems only natural that Macy and Cal would get their own books because they are awesome.  They are the subject of the next edition of the Legal Affairs series with their own drama.


Clash, Grind and Yield are the titles of the books that feature Cal and Macy.  These two hate each other, but it reminded me of the boy on the playground who teases the girl he likes. After the two ‘hate fuck’ each other, it turns into something more.  Macy is extremely adventurous.  I almost choked when I read about the sex club they visit.  They definitely push boundaries and it was delicious to read about it.  Now that I have read Sawyer Bennett’s Wicked Horse series, I wonder if this is where she got the idea to write more erotic books and sex clubs.

Dear readers, I honestly tell you that this series is worth it.  I want to revel in the joy I have for these characters and keep reading until I know the plot inside and out.  This doesn’t happen often, which is why I am taking the time to share my love for this wonderful author and this series!


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