Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules (Roaming Devils MC, Book #1) by Lexie Davis

Overview by Publisher:

All Ryker Dennison wanted was to become President of the Roaming Devil’s Motorcycle Club. It would be his legacy. His grandfather and father had both held the title and he was the next in line. Enter Ella Hawkins. He had known her since they were fifteen and had tried to push her memory away. Their troublesome past included her father arresting him, which was not something he could easily forget. But when she came to him, pleading for his help to save the one man he despised from a rival motorcycle gang, he found himself agreeing to help her, thus breaking the number one rule of the MC. 

Ryker soon finds himself with a major dilemma. Women weren’t part of the club life and bringing Ella into his world would only mean putting her in danger. With his father trying to push Ella away from him for his own benefit, her father constantly trying to arrest him, and his own desire for her getting in the way of his club life, he finds himself going against everything to be with the woman he loved. Will breaking the rules land him in the ultimate position to have everything he ever wanted? Or will his risky move cost him everything, including the woman of his dreams?

This story has definite undertones of Romeo and Juliet, minus the dying part.  Ryker is the bad boy from a biker dynasty and Ella is the golden girl whose father’s mission is to end their MC.

Ryker and Ella meet as teenagers in high school.  They both have crushes on each other, but nothing happens until a few years later.  Once magical evening ends in disaster.  Ella uses Ryker for revenge and he pays the price with time in jail.  He never blamed her for this, instead held her in his heart.

Another couple of years go by and now Ella is in his club house.  To say that Ryker and the Roaming Devils fit the 1% of bikers is not an understatement.  They deal drugs, kill people and keep club whores.  Ella has come to him for help because her father is in serious danger.  Thus begins the relationship between the two.

It’s tricky thing to come from two completely different worlds and yet find some common ground.  Ryker and Ella love each other and want to be together, but their families are hell bent on keeping them apart.

The burgeoning relationship is hot and heavy.  Ryker’s sexual past would put most porn films to shame, yet he is able to develop intimacy with Ella.  She brings out a tender side to him that is only for her.  The sex scenes are really well done and work to further the relationship, rather than being gratuitous.

The challenge in this book is the struggle for these two to stay together.  The doubts that creep in are the results of their respective families, as well as the violent life that Ryker leads.  I wanted to be frustrated with Ella’s doubts, but when I really examined it, I was able to concede it was realistic.  However, I felt for Ryker.  It seemed at times that he just couldn’t catch a break!

This is the start of a new series.  This was a solid start and I look forward to reading more about the new and improved Roaming Devils MC!


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