Sugar Free

Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl Series) by Sawyer Bennett

It’s ironic that I am writing this review the day that the review for the second book, Sugar Rush was posted on my blog.

This is the final book in the Sugar Bowl Series.  Let’s recap:

  • Sela infiltrates the Sugar Bowl mixer to get close to JT (one of the owners)
  • She plans to kill him because he was one of the men who gang raped her
  • She instead falls for his business partner, Beckett
  • They end up finding true love, despite their beginnings as a sugar Daddy relationship
  • Beck and Sela plot to take down JT
  • Sela ends up killing JT in self defence

So as you can see, a lot happens in two books!  You can read my reviews of those books by clicking on the link above.  I happen to be a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett.  She is a fantastic author and I have never been disappointed by one of her books yet.  When I finished reading Sugar Free the author’s note at the end had me laughing.  Apparently Sawyer’s best friend Shelley isn’t a reader.  Sawyer thanks her for her friendship and hopes that someone will tell Shelley that this book is dedicated to her.  Who is Shelley?  How on earth can she have Sawyer Bennett as a friend and NOT read her books?  Shelley, I am here to tell you that you are missing out.  Sure, you get to hang out with Sawyer and likely share a beverage or two with her and that incredible mind, but you are missing out.  How have you not experienced her wicked imagination that is rife with nefarious villains, out of this world sex scenes and remarkable characters that make you laugh and cry?

This series was so unexpected.  It was such an unusual topic to single out – the whole sugar daddy concept.  I can only imagine the research that Bennett had to do to find out about the world of rich men and young women who engage in a mutually beneficially relationship centred around companionship and money.

Sawyer Bennett knows her way around a sex scene.  She writes them so well.  The books do not hop from one sex scene to another, rather the scenes enhance the plot and the heighten the characters emotional connections.  There is no need to flip forward to find the ‘good stuff’ in a Sawyer Bennett book, as all of it is great and sex happens frequently and passionately.

If I was Shelley, I would be grilling Sawyer over ice cold glasses of Pinot Grigio (clearly my fantasy) about how she comes up with such evil and intense plot twists?  How does she make the decision to put her characters in compromising situations?  I am almost as interested in how she crafts the plot as I am in reading it!  In the final story of this series, I have to admit, I did jump ahead to see how things would turn out because it was KILLING me not to know!

Things don’t always wind up tidy and neat in real life and that is one of the things I liked about this book.  While there is of course a happily ever after, life is changed after the events of these three books.  I enjoyed that the new reality was different and that the characters were changed by the circumstances.

I can’t say enough good things about Sawyer Bennett’s writing.  She creates thoughtful plots that challenge you as a reader to explore new worlds that are different than the typical contemporary romance.  Each book I read by her is enjoyable and at the same time challenging.  Shelley, if you ever read this, pick up her books and give them a go!  You won’t be sorry!


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