Protecting Caroline

Protecting Caroline (SEAL of Protection Book 1) by Susan Stoker


Overview by Amazon:

Matthew “Wolf” Steel hated flying commercial. Luckily his job as a Navy SEAL meant he didn’t have to do it very often. He’d been unlucky enough to be assigned a middle seat on the cramped jet, but fortunately for him, the woman next to him was willing to switch seats with him. Hoping for a relaxing flight, Wolf was pleasantly surprised at the good conversation and sense of humor the woman had as they flew 36,000 feet over the countryside.

When Caroline boarded the plane to Virginia to move across the country for her new job she never expected to be seated next to the hottest guy she’d ever seen. She also never expected he’d be so easy to talk to. She knew he’d never be interested in talking to her if he hadn’t been trapped in the seat next to her, but it was a nice way to spend a long plane ride.

Neither Wolf nor Caroline were prepared for a terrorist hijacking of their plane, but if Caroline thought that would be the last time she’d see, or need, Wolf, she’d be sorely mistaken.

Start the SEAL of Protection Series with Caroline and Wolf’s story

I have recently discovered BookBub!  Have you heard of it?  Every day I get an email in my inbox with a list of books in my favourite categories that are either free or deeply discounted.  Since I signed up last week, I have added quite a few books to my already ridiculous to-be-read list!

I saw that this book was listed as free and it had quite a few positive Goodreads reviews, so I picked it up!

I have a serious interest in Navy SEALs.  They are just the perfect alpha male!  Trained killers, intelligent and in wicked shape, they are the perfect hero for a contemporary romance novel.

This book gets off to a great start.  A terrorist attack on an airplane and little, shy Caroline displays unimaginable courage helping the three SEALs on the flight to take down the criminals.  This puts Caroline in Wolf’s line of interest and unfortunately in the line of fire with the terrorists.

Caroline and Wolf experience one of those relationships that is defined by danger and heightened adrenaline.  Life or death situations are not the norm for getting to know someone, but they are intrigued enough to try to pursue things past the drama on the plane.

This book was actually really good!  Heavy on the action, it is a constant whirl of action for Caroline and Wolf.  We get to see the SEALs in action as they work to protect their honourary member, Ice aka Caroline.

The romance between Wolf and Caroline is like a constant heartbeat in the background.  It’s presence can’t be forgotten, but the events keep them from acting on their emotions and attraction at times.

This book is a wild ride of action, drama and romance!  It’s FREE right now on Amazon!  Hurry and add it to your list!


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