Lady Lost

Lady Lost by Jane Goodger


Overview by Publisher:

All Marcus Granton wants is to be left alone to lick his wounds after the humiliating scandal of his wife’s death in another man’s bed. Secluded in his moldering seaside estate on the cliffs of the Black Sea, he suddenly finds himself host to Lady Lilian Martin, one small child, and an annoying cache of servants all bent on ruining his solitude. Seems the lady got herself into a bit of a pickle and is accused of murder, of all things. Now she must rely on him for protection—and to keep his thoughts and hands away from her delectable body.

Lilian has no intention of spending any more time with the insufferable Lord Marcus Granton than she has to. But at every turn, circumstances force her into his company, and by the time she truly makes her escape, it’s far too late for her…and her heart.

I recently discovered the British show Poldark.  It’s a great show and definitely helps with droughtlander!  The lead, Poldark and his lovely wife, Demelza are as wild as the Cornish coast they inhabit.  While reading this book, I couldn’t help but imagine the scenery and the characters in Poldark.


This story features a brooding and unhappy Lord who is rusticating in his worn down estate on the coast.  Marcus has suffered betrayal and is licking his wounds.  He is not ready to rejoin the lavish society he has turned away from – including his family.

His solitude is interrupted by a woman who faints in front of his carriage.  He brings Lillian to his home to recuperate and it turns into a life changing event.

Lillian is running away from an investigation into her brother-in-law’s murder.  The story starts before these events and lets us in on the sad tale of Lillian’s past.  As a young woman, she was forced to enter the marriage mart to find a husband to take care of her and her sister.  With her mother nearing death, Lillian reluctantly accepts the attentions of the Duke of Weston.  The lecherous man then turns his attentions to her much younger sister, whom he marries.  Lillian spent three years in their home, dodging his unwanted advances and the temper of her sister who rails at the injustices of her life.  When Lillian comes across the Duke murdered, she is mistakenly labelled as the killer by her sister.  She flees and is found by Marcus.

The story revolves around the relationship between Lillian and Marcus.  Unexpected guests arrive at the spooky old estate that challenge the couple and yet bring them together.  Marcus doesn’t want to be attracted to Lillian and doesn’t want to be around her.  Lillian has no where to go.  She is wanted by the authorities and disgraced by society.  The story really delves into Marcus’ grief and emotions.  He is the dark to the lightness that Lillian brings to the story.

I found this book to be really engaging.  It was different from a lot of historical romance novels due to the setting, plot and characters.  The sweeping coast was like a character unto itself.  It plays a large role in the adventures the characters have and adds an element of danger.  The plot line is unique in that there is a reality woven throughout, from the late duke’s sexual predilections to the murder investigation to the sexual relationship between the two.  The characters are enjoyable to read about, and we get to know their deepest feelings and thoughts.

A great story!  Make sure to check it out!


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