Highlander’s Castle

Highlander’s Castle by Joanne Wadsworth

highlander's castle.jpg

Overview by Amazon:

Traveling through time…for a Highlander.

Anne MacLeod’s identical ancestor has made a wish on the Fairy Flag at Dunvegan Castle, one which sees the two young women swapping places in time and leaving Anne set to handfast with the very man her ancestor wished to escape. Only Anne sees the possibilities, because now she could change the future and ensure her parents never perished in the inferno which took their lives.

Highland warrior Alex MacDonald has made an agreement to handfast with Anne in order to bring a halt to the feud raging between their clans. The last thing he expects though is a woman claiming to come from the future, a woman who stirs him on a physical and emotional level to protect, and to even believe.

When Anne finds herself in her MacLeod chief’s presence, she chooses to go with him in order to leave a message for her parents. In full pursuit, Alex wages a battle of the heart, and of the very essence of time. Can he defy the odds as Anne is taken from him…to work his own magic and get her back?

I really love the time travelling genre!  I found this book through Book Bub. If you haven’t signed up, I highly recommend it!  They send you a list of books daily that are either free or only a few dollars.  This book is currently free and it’s great!

Anne is travelling in Scotland.  She has no family left but has headed to Scotland to explore the history of her family.  She is a MacLeod, but is exploring a MacDonald keep when she is suddenly sucked back in time.  So begins the awesome adventure!

What makes this story unique is that Anne goes between the past and the present as her time travel is linked to her ancestor’s wish upon the MacLeod Fairy Flag.  It’s like a woven tapestry of history and modern day.

Anne finds out that she is to be married when she arrives in the past.  She handfasts with a handsome Highlander, Alex.  She can’t hide the fact that she is very attracted to the handsome man.  So begins the relationship between the two.  Alex has agreed to marry the MacLeod niece as part of a peace pact.  Lust quickly blooms between the two and the reasons for the union fade as their admiration for each other grows.  Of course there are complications – which are amazing!

What I really enjoyed about this book was how the past and the present intersect.  Anne and her ancestor, Annie meet.  Anne is able to change the tragedies of the past and influence the future. This story is really original and different.  Due to Anne’s precarious position in the past and how she can’t control her time travelling, it creates a sense of urgency in the story that made me sit on the edge of my seat!

The characters are amazing – I loved them!  From Alex’s mother to the great Rory MacLeod, historical figures are interspersed with fictional characters to flesh out the cast.  I really enjoyed this story and the characters!  This is definitely a book to get now and read as soon as you can!


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