Devil’s Honor

Devil’s Honor (The Devil’s Keeper Series) by Megan Crane


Overview by Publisher:

Merritt Broussard grew up knowing she had two choices if she stayed in Lagrange: run with the outlaws or get left in their dust. So she got the hell out, leaving behind a bad-boy biker and scorching memories of their summer fling. Now Merritt’s back, with trouble on her tail, and the sergeant-at-arms of the Devil’s Keepers is the one person she can still trust. But Greeley isn’t the boy she remembers. He’s harder now, more dangerous—and even more alluring.

Joseph “Greeley” Shaw loves two things: his bike and his club. At eighteen, he escaped a rough life, found the Devil’s Keepers on the wrong side of a bad weekend, and never looked back. Greeley swore to live and die by their code: Devil’s Keepers first, Devil’s Keepers forever. No one comes between him and his brothers—except for the tantalizing woman who touched his soul. Greeley’s the kind of man who honors his commitments . . . and Merritt is one promise he’s determined to keep.

There are frequent trends in contemporary romance novels that highlight the interests in our culture.  In the past, the billionaire genre was exploding on the scene thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series.  Lately, the trend seems to be toward hockey players and motor cycle clubs.  In fact, I have read two books this week alone that feature MC heroes who are tough and rough on the outside and madly in love with their women.

This book was really enjoyable. There are some books in this genre that miss the balance between the seedy biker world and the needs of the romance reader.  Readers want a tough, strong biker, but they also want one that is intrinsically good inside.  He loves his woman, he takes care of her and is faithful to her and his club.  This book has those elements.

I loved that the book was set in rural Louisiana.  The swamps and backwaters felt like they were a character within the book.  The culture and history of the state influenced the characters and the plot.  It adds depth to the book when the setting is powerfully described and utilized by the author.

Merritt has returned home to her parish in Louisiana to escape the bad relationship she had in New York City.  As the daughter of the only daughter in her small town, she has always perceived herself as somewhat better than the rest of the population. Her own father propagated this theory and pushed her to be better than her roots.  Coming home with her tail between her legs isn’t what she wants, especially since she knows that she will inevitably run into the man she left behind.

A hot and steamy romance with Greeley ended badly when she chose Ivy League education over staying to be his old lady.  They did not part on good terms.  Their reunion arrives swiftly upon her return and the passion between them flares up immediately.  The sex between the two is frequent and steamy like the bayou humidity.  Greeley is a passionate lover, demanding and domineering, and he craves Merritt like no other.

Greeley is married to his MC club.  Part of the plot revolves around issues within the leadership of the MC and I wasn’t entirely sure where it was all going – was it relevant to the plot with Merritt?  Was it setting up the timeline for more stories in the series?  While there is some resolution at the end of the book, there are still problems in the Devil’s Keeper MC.  Merritt is a lawyer who has fled her career to get away from a repressive and abusive colleague/lover.  While she is hiding in her home state, trouble will find her.

The heart of this story is the relationship between Merritt and Greeley.  Can they find more with each other than sex?  Can Merritt stop running and face who she really is and what she wants?  The author really takes the time to explore Merritt’s situation.  While at times she frustrated me, I appreciated the unveiling of her thoughts and feelings.  It added depth to the story and took it past a superficial level.

If you are a fan of the MC genre, definitely check out this book!  I found the characters well developed, the passion off the charts and the plot fast moving and suspenseful!


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