Enforcer’s Pride

Enforcer’s Pride (Demon Horde Series) by Sarah Hawthorne


Overview by Publisher:

A man looking for redemption 

Colt spent eight months in prison for trusting the wrong woman, nearly bringing down his entire motorcycle club in the process. Now he needs to fix the MC’s cash flow problems or watch the only family he’s ever known fall apart. 

Meeting Krista wasn’t part of his mission. 

Falling for her could mean his destruction.  

A single mom trying to get by 

Krista was ready to leave hooking behind when her ex cleaned out her bank account. Stuck working to provide for her daughter, she protects herself with one rule: never get involved with someone at the club. 

Not that she wants to. Sex has become a job, a means to an end. 

One night together as an escape 

Krista’s body wakes at Colt’s touch, allowing her to imagine a life after the MC. A future. A happily-ever-after, if only briefly. Krista brings out feelings in Colt he forgot could exist. But just as he begins to trust again, Krista’s truth is revealed—testing the very boundaries of Colt’s jealousy and faith.

So….this was a different book!  I was surprised, because to be honest, I didn’t really read the whole blurb when I requested this book on Netgalley.  I just saw *BIKER* and clicked YES!

What an experience.  This book was really worthwhile.  It was the first time I have read a book at a woman who is sex worker.  We all think we understand why women work in the sex trade, but to read a story about a woman who you get to know, makes it personal.

Krista is a single mom.  She works as a bartender at the biker club and sleeps with the members on the side.  She is a great mom and has put herself through school.  Since she got pregnant at age 16, she is a statistic that society doesn’t care about.

The author makes it so easy to slip into Krista’s world and understand her life.  It doesn’t mean that it is easy to read about her work.  What I appreciated as the reader was that Krista’s life and work was not romanticized, nor glamourized.  She didn’t like being a stripper or prostitute.

Krista meets Colt when he beats up her dead beat baby Daddy-meth head.  He takes an immediate interest.  For Krista it was the first time in a very long time that she felt actual attraction.  He made her feel alive.  That is so liberating and was exciting to read about.  However, misunderstanding abound and the two are on and off and on and off.

There is a purpose for Colt being in Tacoma.  He is about to patch over the club, but has to find who is skimming off the club books.  I really enjoyed this sub plot.  It was an interesting story of the dynamics of biker clubs and the investigation allowed more time to get to know Colt.

The sex is quite prevalent throughout the story.  As a reader, I was able to clearly distinguish between the work Krista did and the emotional moments she had with Colt.  I found this to be an interesting and thought provoking story to read.


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