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Pirates, highlanders, English Lords…
If these men don’t strike fear, then you are likely a reader of historical romance novels. This blog is a place to explore the genre without judgement. Just a place to come and learn about the best of the best from an avid reader who has a passion for men with swords and wearing kilts.

I fell in love with historical romance novels one night when I found my mothers copy of Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. For a thirteen year old girl, it was illicit, heady and emotional. I read as fast as I could under the covers with a flashlight. Even as a young teen I knew it was something I shouldn’t be reading, but I was powerless to put the book down. The depth of the characters, the history, the emotions, the love and of course the sex. I raided abandoned books shelves in the basement, the cottage, wherever my mom had stashed her books in order to get my fix.

Fast forward three years later to my first job. In a library. It seems like fate that I was drawn to a place that had well worn, well loved books that could satisfy my voracious appetite for the ton and corsets.

While young women my age were discovering the virtues of Jane Austen, I was still under the covers reading smutty hero and heroine tales. It seems astounding to me that I never took to dear Jane. But as I once read, she never wrote scenes with two men alone because she herself had never been alone with men, I had no interest in wasting precious reading time to someone who couldn’t describe the clawing, lurid desire a man and women feel for each other.

It wasn’t just the romance and descriptive bedroom scenes that had me hooked. It was the history. I adored hearing about the inner workings and daily life of the Upper Classes in England, Scotland or wherever my fantasy of the evening was occurring. Pirates, yes please. Scottish highlanders, awesome. Dukes and Earls, bring it on. No detail was too small. It feed a deep interest in me. What was it really like to live at that time in history?

I was not naive enough to realize that most of my heros likely had a STD and that the perfect world I imagined was hell for poor people with no social net to help them. But the romance and the vivid story telling took me away.

By the time I left for university, it was almost a foregone conclusion what my major would be. Of course I studied history. Itching to know more about the events that had been glossed upon in my favourite stories. Culloden, Napoleon, Viking invasions. My professors would have been horrified to learn what was behind my passion for historical events. As would most people I know.

I have to confess, besides my husband, no one knows about my favourite pastime. There is an inherent shame that comes with loving romance novels. That somehow they are unworthy of time or attention. That something is weird about reading them. When I got my first Kindle it was liberating to be able to read on a subway or doctor waiting room without having to hide the bodice ripper front cover. The publication of Fifty Shades of Grey opened the door to erotica, however I view women who are hooked on that particular genre as passerbys – one only has to view Monica McCarty’s blog to see the extensive research and travel she has done to make her books accurate and realistic. It’s the real deal.

Ive started this blog to share my favourite stories with others. Romance novels have given so much to me in my life. They have been a great place to escape when I needed it, a place to learn from and many hours of enjoyment.

25 thoughts on “About KiltsandSwords!”

  1. Thanks for your follow. Being also a secret reader of historical romance I’ll do likewise. (Hell, its a lot more healthy than folks reading crime, horror or gruesome murders!) I must admit I’m a bit choosy and love Jane Austin also though (has to be well researched and written) we all have our fantasies! ha!

  2. I didn’t get started reading these books till I hit 18, but they are a passion for me that I don’t indulge in as much as I used to… that being said, I’m a huge fan and I’ve learned so much about the Regency from fiction! And that has to be my favorite time period. So glad you stopped by my blog and followed me so I can now follow you back. ( I’m a Sabrina Jeffries, Julia Quinn, and Lisa Kleypas fan)

  3. Thanks for the follow 🙂 While I don’t read as many historical romances as I used too, I do have my favorite authors: Grace Burrowes, Elle Daniels, Kristen Callihan (hers are streampunk so I hope that counts), Sabrina Jeffries, and Lisa Kleypas. Oh! Okay, I guess I still do read a lot of historical romance 🙂 I also LOVE Deanna Raybourn and Tasha Alexander who write historical romance/ mystery. I think it’s great you started out at the library! I was a children’s librarian for 26 years 🙂

  4. I’m a closet romance reader too! Monica McCarty is my favorite! I even managed to win a signed copy of The Saint!

    Have you read Denise Domning, Angeline Fortin, or Suzan Tisdale?

    1. I’ve heard of Suzan – she has a new book out next week. More authors to check out! Hope you like the blog – thought I’d blog about one of my favourite past times! I would blog about cooking, but I’d just gain weight…lol!

  5. Lovely blog and I too love romance, history and all that comes with it. You write so well, it’s a joy to read. Thank you for visiting Homeflair:)

  6. I’ve grown to love romance. It does has a bad stigma, one that most people don’t think of seriously. As a romance writer I get heavy critique’s on how my characters act, but what non-romance readers don’t understand, it’s a fantasy. The men are written a certain way because that’s how we like them 😉 And romance readers are loyal. The genre may get some backlash, but it’s still the most success of all genres of fiction. 🙂

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